Bryan and Tracy are a couple on TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy, who join the new season with his mom Jayne in tow. Are they still together?

The series sheds a light on relationships with a Mama’s Boy involved, such as Bryan’s mom Jayne – who assumed she was invited to their honeymoon.

For many, leaving the family home and getting married is a sense of gaining freedom. However, those on this TLC series bring their moms with them.

As the season gets underway, viewers may be wondering if Bryan and Tracy’s relationship survived, with Jayne often getting involved.

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Who are Bryan and Tracy?

Bryan, 29, and Tracy, 30, are a couple living in Florida.

He works at home as a senior accountant for an energy company, while Tracy, who is Columbian and Italian, works for a government entity firm.

They have two sons together called Austyn and Kyan, and were recently seen getting married on the TLC show.

Tracy often writes articles on her blog The Lyfestyle Plug, giving advice to people on how to bargain hunt and create DIY products.

Meet Bryan’s mom Jayne

Jayne is Bryan’s 66-year-old mother, who lives in Florida near him.

She makes his breakfast and lunch every day, looks after her grandchildren when he’s busy working, and does his laundry for him.

The TLC star was jokingly described as “mom of the year” by Tracy.

She also assumed she would be going on their honeymoon with them, despite Bryan revealing Tracy did not want Jayne to attend.

Jayne lived far from him, until he asked her to move to Florida. He joked that he “pays her” for visiting the house to help out every day.

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Are Bryan and Tracy still together?

  • Yes, Bryan and Tracy continue to be happily loved-up.

Despite the challenges of Jayne being quite involved, the TLC couple appear to be enjoying married life together.

Before their wedding, Tracy said she would become the “queen of the household” once they tie the knot.

They got married on February 26th 2021, and continue to live as a family-of-four with their sons in Miami, Florida.

Six months later, they have been seen smiling as a couple. There also appears to be no pictures on Tracy’s Instagram of Bryan’s mom Jayne.



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