What is the burning of Zozobra? Fans troll Katie and Blake’s last date on The Bachelorette!

What is the burning of Zozobra? Fans troll Katie and Blake’s last date on The Bachelorette!

Yet another season of The Bachelorette has come to an end as Blake Moynes got down on one knee to propose to Katie Thurston. While fans are happy about their engagement, some aren’t over The Burning of Zozobra, which took place during the couple’s last and “serious” date. 

Season 17 Episode 10 concluded with Katie and Blake walking hand in hand after getting engaged. Now, fans want the producers to bring Zozobra back next season, for the funniest of reasons! 

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What is The Burning of Zozobra?

The burning of Zozobra is a ritual that takes place every year at Fiestas de Santa Fe in New Mexico. 

Zozobra is also known as “Old Man Gloom” and is made up of wood, wire, and cotton cloth that helps burn when it’s ignited. The marionette effigy represents emotions such as “gloom and anxiety”, and people destroy the difficulties and troubles from the past year by setting it on fire. 

The New Mexican ritual dates back to 1924 when the first Zozobra was burned by artist William Howard Shuster Jr in his backyard while partying with his friends. 

Meanwhile, the hair color of the Zozobra has been different every year starting 2004. Orange, red, green, blue, purple, and green among others have been used. 

However, in September 2020, the festival burned a “COVID-Zozobra”. The giant marionette effigy had silver hair with red triangles and orange ping-pong balls to represent the novel coronavirus. 

ABC show brings New Mexican ritual to the final date 

As Katie notes in the last episode, she wanted her final date with Blake to be “serious”. The bachelorette and her suitor indulge in an intense conversation before Zozobra, where Katie and Blake lay down their true feelings for each other. 

Katie tells Blake she was looking forward to starting their relationship on a positive note. Thus, the burning of the Zozobra ritual was employed to get rid of all the negativity. 

While it appears as though the producers tried to make the finale edgy with the Mexican culture cross-over, their choice of prop has sparked a lot of conversation on Twitter as fans have used the opportunity to crack multiple jokes. 

While a few have linked Zozobra to the emotions Katie’s aunt Lindsey displayed, others have expressed their concerns about the dangers of the ritual in the middle of the woods. 

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Fans troll Blake and Katie’s last date 

The Burning of Zozobra is among the most discussed topics on social media following The Bachelorette finale. A significant number of fans have shared what they liked or disliked about the rather surprising decision to perform the ritual. 

One fan tweeted: “THE BACHELORETTE SPOILERS. I saw there were Zozobra teasers but I didn’t realize he was one of the last two men standing”

Another joked, “When they Mr. and Mrs. Moynes and suddenly Blake looks a bit like an unwell version of Zozobra”

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