Catfish: Where are Jeremiah and 'Linda' now? Updates on MTV stars!

Jeremiah took to MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show after speaking to ‘Linda’ online. And their story didn’t come without twists and turns…

Nev and Kamie – known as online Catfish hunters – head the reality series, where they dig out more about the stranger behind the screen.

The most recent episode (June 15) saw Jeremiah approach them through email, asking them for help to uncover exactly who ‘Linda’ really is.

So, where are Jeremiah and ‘Linda’ several months down the line? Did anything happen between them? We can’t bear the anticipation.

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Who are Jeremiah and ‘Linda’?

Jeremiah, from Dayton, Ohio, is a father to his one and a half year-old son.

He was in a relationship with his son’s mom for four years, until she began going to church with him, which led to them breaking up.

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Jeremiah, whose father is a minister, said that when she fell pregnant, it drew a wedge between them as they were expected to get married.

After their split, he downloaded a dating app as he wanted to try “a different thing”, and instantly matched with 30-year-old Linda Rose.

Jeremiah thought she was beautiful, and said she is very spiritual. He liked that Linda, a hairstylist, was not opposed to his traditions.

Born in Poland, Linda said she moved to America when she was around seven. She revealed to Jeremiah that she lost her parents in a car wreck.

Inside Jeremiah and ‘Linda’s’ ‘connection’

Linda was the first to pop up and say hi to Jeremiah on the dating app.

The primary part of their online connection was faith, with Jeremiah saying that she is the only person who ticks all his boxes.

With Jeremiah’s main aim to “move forward with something different”, following his difficult break-up, he revealed he really wants to know her.

After messaging back and forth, Linda and Jeremiah spoke over the phone for a short time, but suspicions were raised when there were long pauses.

She also sent him three photos of herself… but alarms were ringing even more when Jeremiah found out she does not have Instagram or Facebook.

Linda then said she finally got video and image messaging app Snapchat. She also got defensive when he asked about her absence on social media.

Following suspicions that he could be being catfished by his baby momma, it was unveiled that ‘Linda’ is actually called Monica – his roommate.

Where are Jeremiah and Monica now?

Jeremiah and Monica did not end up having a relationship.

In fact, Jeremiah is now in a relationship with Tymika Maupins. It appears that she may be his baby momma, having looked at her Facebook photos.

Although it could be possible that Jeremiah has not updated his Facebook since their split, his online relationship status says otherwise.

Jeremiah recently launched a book, and continues to work on his career as a novelist and graphic designer.

He only has one friend on Facebook who goes by the name of Monica, who continues to leave in Dayton, Ohio.

She currently works as a team leader at an automobile parts manufacturing company. It is not known if she still lives with Jeremiah.



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