It may feel like the celebrities on Celebs Go Dating are a million miles away from finding their perfect partner but the grand finale is closer than you’d think.

In fact, there’s a confirmed air date for the abroad finale and a new destination!

Not only do we know the day and time but Reality Titbit has a strong idea of the non-celebs likely to board the plane with receptionist Tom and dating experts Anna Williamson and Paul C Brunson.

Get your pen and paper at the ready and scribble down these important dates…

Tom, Anna and Paul.

When is the Celebs Go Dating final?

Series 7 has 20 episodes in total and will come to a conclusion on Thursday, August 29th.

As always, the final episode will air on E4 at 9 pm.

Celeb Go Dating 2019: Grand finale location

Each member of the celebrity dating squad will be tasked with bringing one date abroad for a romantic getaway.

Previous exotic locations have included Tenerife and Cape Verde. However, in this 2019 season, the gang will jet off to Greece for a long weekend in Crete.

According to The Sun, Lee Ryan missed the original flight after failing to answer the door to E4’s organised taxi drivers, which subsequently pushed back filming.

The couples: Nathan Henry and Alain/Lance

Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry will take either Alain or Lance on holiday to Crete… or both, like we’ve witnessed in the past with the likes of Callum Izzard (Ibiza Weekender) and Sam Thompson (Made in Chelsea).

Lance is a 31-year-old from Manchester who works in finance while Alain is an exotic mix of Brazilian, Spanish and French currently in the UK over summer.

Nath follows them both on Insta – @lance.cox and @gjfalzon – although it’s not thought that anything serious happens after the show.

Screenshot 2019: Celebs Go Dating 2019 Nathan Henry and Lance
Screenshot 2019: Celebs Go Dating 2019 Nathan Henry and Lance

Demi Sims and Megan Barton-Hanson

The so-called ‘shock’ of the season, we know that Love Island star Megan and TOWIE’s Demi Sims go on to date after filming for series 7 is wrapped up.

Megan dated both guys and girls on the show but only ended up having eyes for Essex babe Demi. They’re still dating now and we know that if either of them take someone else to Crete then it’s nothing more than a cover-up!

Chloe Sims and Tom

Chloe Sims ends up putting herself in the typical conundrum of having more than one man to choose from, just like she did when appearing in previous Celebs Go Dating series.

However, it’s been reported by The Sun that the 36-year-old reality TV star ends up taking account manager Tom to the grand finale and is even dating him now!

Screenshot 2019: Celebs Go Dating 2019 Tom
Screenshot 2019: Celebs Go Dating 2019 Tom

Jack Fincham and Megan

Jack has been firing through the dates more rapidly than anyone else, making it pretty damn difficult to keep up.

Nonetheless, the former Love Island star will end up taking Megan abroad to Crete. We are introduced to Megan in episode 14 next Wednesday (August 21st).

Lee Ryan and Sarah

The pop sensation and member of boyband Blue quickly found his match in Sarah Plews.

Ryan and Sarah enjoyed a romantic date towards the start of the show, although Lee kept her guessing by continuing on a string of dates across the series.

Reports have suggested that Lee has been getting cosy with co-star Lauren Goodger during filming and we know from speaking with Sarah that she is now single, so nothing serious progresses between the pair.

Celebs Go Dating 2019
Celebs Go Dating 2019

Singles: Lady C and Lauren Goodger

It seems that Lauren Goodger may head into the grand finale single, which means she may not even make the plane to Crete depending on Anna and Paul’s decision.

Lady Colin Campbell will rock up to Greece although we are unsure on who with.



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