Season 10 of Celebs Go Dating has finally come to end as the finale is released on Channel 4. Fans have labelled the latest season as one of the best so far and the last episode entailed tears, laughs and a lot of revelations.

As they say goodbye to their co-stars as well as love coaches Anna and Paul, fans want to know if the celebs and their dates ended up together and where the remaining singles are now.

Reality Titbit has taken over as investigators and we have got you all the juicy details.

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shalishah and marty celebs go dating
Celebs Go Dating cast 2022 – Channel 4. Picture: Channel 4 Press Pack

The finale explored

All of the celebs had made leaps and bounds of progress on their quest to find love, and though many have not found a partner, they have definitely found themselves.

Marty was one of the biggest successes of the season and Anna said this progress was all down to Shalishah. Marty had pretty much stuck with Shalishah the entire season and they seemed to have a connection as well as a lot of flirty banter.

They woke up together the morning of the finale after spending a naughty night together – well maybe not a whole night as Marty awkwardly admitted the ‘naughtiness’ only lasted a couple of minutes.

Chloe ended the season having been on a romantic getaway with her co-star Miles after they released they had a connection earlier on in the season. However, during the trip they did sleep in separate rooms and later on in the episode when they were back in the office, Chloe admitted that she hadn’t found love but she had found herself.

Ryan Mark had been on a few dates throughout the season and ended the season with Gregg, with whom he had been on a few dates. They both seemed to have a genuine connection and Ryan even admitted that Gregg put him at ease.

Jessika was another contestant to go on a few dates with different men but ended the season having been on a date with Gregg. Anna admitted that Jessika had been a “hard nut to crack” throughout the season but said she had progressed leaps and bounds.

Anna asked Jessika if she planned on seeing Gregg again to which there was a long and very awkward silence until she finally said yes.

Abz ended the show has been on a date with Jess but things got a little awkward with aul and Anna when Abz announced he thought they were better as friends.

Nikita entered the finale cocktail party on her own and embraced that things didn’t work out with her date charlie, she said he was a nice guy but there was something missing.

Ulrika was in the same boat and entered on her own saying she had been on some really nice dates but hadn’t found anything with a spark.

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Where are they now?


When Anna asked Marty if he wanted to keep seeing Shalishah he said “definitely” and that he would have to make up for his awkward two-minute show during their getaway. But are they still together?

Nothing has been confirmed but after a quick look at Shalishah’s Instagram, it is pretty clear they have probably ended things.

Shalishah posted a picture two days ago with the caption, “If a guy tells you ‘let’s just see where it goes it ain’t going nowhere.” Which we think might be a dig at Marty.

Shalishah also posted a picture on Valentines day that fans think is also directed to Marty, which said “ I’m FrEe on ThE 14th bTw” Bro your free everyday calm down.”

Chloe and Miles

Chloe revealed in the finale that she hadn’t found love but had found herself. Before the finale Miles posted a picture of the pair looking close and with the caption “Honey, I’m on the phone” which fans thought may have hinted at the pair still dating.

However, things were confirmed pretty quickly as only three hours later, Chloe posted a picture with part of the caption saying,

I feel like I’ve truly been able to be myself and show everyone a side to me that I sometimes hide. Even though I didn’t find love… I found myself, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

Chloe Brockett


To no surprise, Jessika and Nathan didn’t work out, however, Jessika has managed to find love since leaving the dating agency.

The star is dating podcast host, Connor Thompson from Manchester and the couple seem happy and are pretty adorable from what we have seen on social media.

The pair have been together for over six months now and seem to be going strong, with Jessika posting a picture of the couple on the Celebs Go Dating finale day, with the caption, “you make me the happiest and best version of myself.”


From what we can see Nikita is happily single and enjoying life post dating agency. Though she didn’t find love on the show she had found some amazing friends and is especially close to Jessika Power and Ryan-Mark.


We can’t tell much about Abz’s current situation as he isn’t very active on his social media accounts. From what we can see he is still single as on the day of the finale he posted an alone selfie.

He mentioned in the finale that the show had made him realise he had some personal issues to work on so we are assuming he is taking the time to do this. – Good for you Abz!


In terms of if he is still dating Gregg, we cant tell. There is nothing on his Instagram indicating that they are, but Ryan-Mark isn’t one for PDA so I guess we will never know!


Ulrika is still single and seems to be loving life. The star recently posted an inspiring picture on her Instagram with an inspiring caption where she mentioned it was time for a change! We cant wait to see the new and improved Ulrika soon.



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