On episode five of Celebs Go Dating and fans fell in love with U.S actor Jonathan Lipnicki thanks to his honest inability to come to terms with a host of English lingo.

The hit Channel 4 reality dating show follows the lives of celebrities as they go on dates with members of the public, under the guidance of a special recruitment agency.

Jonathan is most commonly known for his starring role as the angelic, blonde-haired and glasses-wearing kid in Stuart Little, although fans were in shock when this realisation dawned on them.


In fact, the majority thought Jonathan’s character was called Stuart.

Err, no, that was the rat. Sorry, mouse.


Jonathan’s biggest problem on the show was very different to the other celeb clients. While he was polite and charming without the cockiness of Mike Thalassitis, Jonathan struggled to get his head around the English lingo.

Speaking of the Celebs Go Dating receptionist, Jonathan said:

“Tom is like a young Shakespeare – he’s got beautiful language that I don’t understand at all.”

Well, considering Jonathan struggled to understand the poetically well-spoken Tom, he was going to have a right blast in a trip up North to Newcastle.

Screen Shot: Jonathan Lipnicki, Celebs Go Dating
Screen Shot: Jonathan Lipnicki, Celebs Go Dating

Following his feedback form the first date, Jonathan had wooed his date into a second dinner and he was sent packing to Newcastle for another hook up. He was even told to “neck on”, but obviously had no idea what that meant.

The date with Becca, or Bekah, or any variety of the name that you can get in 2018, started with a bus trip around the Toon.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating - bus tour around Newcastle.
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – bus tour around Newcastle.

Becca explained how she lived in a place between Sunderland and Newcastle, with Jonathan exclaiming “but where is the sun”, clearly believing there were better ways to spend a date than on an open bus tour in winter.  In Newcastle.

The tour continued with Becca pointing out all of the important monuments around town.

She said: “We have a place called Greggs.

“It’s like really Geordie. It’s a bakery place.”

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating - who doesn't love Greggs!
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – who doesn’t love Greggs!

Jonathan perhaps didn’t quite get it, quipping to camera about the haven of off-coloured sausage rolls:

“Becca showed me the fanciest bakery in the whole of Newcastle.

“She knows all the best places.”

The pair eventual called it a day from the bus tour and Joanthan was treated to a kebab. Although off-camera, he responded to Becca’s offer by saying:

“I have no idea what she is going to get me.”

Poor Jonathan, wait until Becca tries to explain what is in the mixed meat special.

The 27-year-old American was forced into ringing the dating agency, confessing that he wasn’t sure on the date or what on earth a ‘ko-baab’ was – as he pronounced it.

Completely freezing and tucking into a kebab with chips and garlic mayo, Jonathan went all American on his date, asking out loud about how his date felt – that’s not very British!

He said: “Tell me, tell me how you feel – right now, go for it.”

Queue a long pause of awkward British silence.

Eventually however, Becca opened up to her fondness of Jonathan and the pair kissed in true Hollywood style – bar the garlic breath.

Jonathan said: “The kebab, I don’t know if it sort of acted as an aphrodisiac. . .”

How wrong could he be. The two ended the date with Jonathan carrying away Becca into the Newcastle night.

We can’t wait to see what date three has in stall for us on Sunday night, C4, 9pm.

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