We have witnessed some pretty awkward dates across the new Channel 4 series of Celebs Go Dating. None of them have got to the stage where a celebrity felt the need to sneak out of their date using a camouflage jacket.

None of them until now.

On Wednesday’s episode 14 of the new series and Jade Jones met up with gal-pal London Hughes for a double date.

The British taekwondo Olympic gold medallist was set up for a second date with Ben, who immediately rubbed-up Jade the wrong way.

Screen shot: Celebs go Dating - Jade's date Ben
Screen shot: Celebs go Dating – Jade’s date Ben

Admitting to being “hungover”, Jade felt that her date was rude to turn up in such a state.

Not that he had brought his duvet, a bag of McDonald’s and was huddled up in the corner throwing up, mind.

Whispering to London the pair headed to the bathroom where Jade said she was bored of Ben’s lack of conversation.

She said: “Mate I’m just not into it at all.”

She added that “I’ve come on the second date so that I’d give it a try” but confessed that when he “turned up hungover” it felt like a kick in the teeth – which you’d expect she’d be used to.

Obviously not.

In perhaps one of the worst getaway plans excecuted on TV, Jade decided to use London Hughes’ camouflage jacket to shield her face and walk behind the boys, heading for the exit.

Screen shot: E4, Celebs Go Dating
Screen shot: E4, Celebs Go Dating

To be fair to London, and the comedian did well to restrain herself from saying “I can’t see anything” as Jade very unsubtly whisked past in a flash of camo print.

Some viewers took to social media to criticise Jade’s actions and backed up the feelings expressed by her ditched date.

Ben said: “I just thought it was really rude to just, you know.. up to sticks and walk off mid-date.

I just thought it was something I’m not used to, to be fair. I just don’t think you should do it to anyone.




However, others just thought the entire scene was comical genius.

Remember, always take a camouflage jacket with you to dates – you never know when it may come in handy.



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