7 reasons why we all want to MARRY Celebs Go Dating’s Sam Thompson

7 reasons why we all want to MARRY Celebs Go Dating’s Sam Thompson

There has been one standout star when it comes to the new series of Channel 4 dating show Celebs Go Dating – and it’s definitely not Tallia Storm.

Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson has stolen the heart of a nation with his uber-cute personality and cheeky sense of humour.

Of course, for every Sammy T and someone out there would rather date “Muggy” Mike Thalassitis, but when it comes to settling down with someone to marry, Sam is obviously going to be the one.

The utterly adorable, spunky blonde-haired 25-year-old has done nothing but make us laugh out loud, so here’s 7 reasons why we all want to marry the Celebs Go Dating star.

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson

1. For Harry Potter movie days

Across the series and Sam has whipped up a defensive ‘Expecto Patronum’ at any given possibility.

He literally shouted it in a girls face.

Other HP keywords he has dropped into conversation include Hedwig, the Dark Arts and ‘he who must not be named’. Sunday movie days with Sam Thompson, yes please!

Here he is trying his hardest not to turn his chopstick into a wand . . .

Literally, the Harry Potter impression trap is pretty hard for poor Sam not to fall into . . .

2. Those puppy dog eyes

If there is one thing that Sam Thompson is not, it’s a player.

Sam’s eyes often puff up in excitement, kinda like a puppy dog, as he falls at mercy to the beautiful girls he meets on dates.

Actions speak more than words, and Sam’s silence when he is starstruck by a beauty is exactly how you’d want a future hubba-bubba to be looking at you.

Although, we think he might end up marrying this girl . . .

3. Because he can make d-bag friends tolerable

So nobody actually gets on with the friends of their loved-one, that’s a relationship staple. However, Sam Thompson has the ability to make even his douchiest friends seem a little more tolerable.

Here he is hanging out with Mike Thalassitis (not by choice by the way), yet he still attempts to shine his arrogant ‘pal’ in a good light.

4. He’s actually in-touch with emotions!

Yeah, the complete package, Sam is genuinely in-touch with his emotional side.

We’re not saying he walks about the place sobbing and crying over memories of the first Bridget Jones Diary flick, but as his sister Louise explained, Sammy boy is just another nervous ball of emotion.

5. For endless amounts of T-Rex impressions

We all love the original Jurassic Park movie and, hell, even Jurassic World is worth a watch.

But if you’re married to Sam Thompson then you can have the movie-quality experience brought straight to your armchair with his tyrannosaurs-rex impressions

Another date staple, Sam knows all the right hand and head movements . . . to be a T-rex.

6. His sexual puns 

Episode 12 of Celebs Go Dating gave us a small glimpse into the sexual puns that Sam is constantly coming out with.

They’re never smutty or distasteful, or at least they’re not thanks to Sam’s grinning and child-like delivery.

Example A: When Sam told the dating agency that he had grabbed a first date kiss, he followed up by adding:

Maybe a hand job next

7. Forever knowing your man is awkward around girls

Sam is not exactly Mr Smooth Operator when it coms to flirting with girls.

Here he is putting himself into a fluster and digging a whole deeper than Middle Earth – Lord of the Rings reference, Sam would get it.

Yep, if your married Sam, you’d know he’s definitely not out at bars, cooing girls back to motel rooms.


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