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7 stages of enjoying your FOOD - Through London Hughes’ incredible facial expressions

Celebs Go Dating star London Hughes has been criticised for one thing during her time on the show.

Becoming overly excited by food.

It may sound like a trivial thing to pick up on when it comes to dating, but London’s love for food is on a whole new level – and her facial expressions can’t hide it.

Over the 12 episodes aired in series four and we have witnessed London picking chicken from her teeth with chopsticks and creating all sorts of moaning and groaning sounds as starters hit the table.

In the latest episode of Celebs Go Dating and London was on date number two with personal trainer Elliot.

To celebrate her huge array of food facial expressions, this is the 7 stages of enjoying food, using shots where you can see London’s taste buds exploding from her mouth and overpowering every muscle in her face.

1. Intrigue

You know that look when the food you ordered starts to arrive, plate by plate.

You’re thinking ‘ooh, yeah that’s my food . . . ooh it looks slightly different to what I expected from reading the menu, but damn, yeah, that looks nice’.

London has this look down to a T-bone.

Screen Shot: London Hughes checking out her food

2. Excitement

Next, and as the food is explained by the waiter – in this case ‘sticky ribs with Alabama sauce’ – and you end up repeating phrases like “oh my god, oh my god” at least six times.

Or at least in London’s case you do.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating


Screen Shot: London Hughes potentially having a mental breakdown

3. That first bite

It’s pure bliss as you take your first bite into a piping hot meal – even when it is 0.25 seconds after the waiter had placed it down on the table.

As London demonstrates, food can feel like a form of ecstasy.

Screen Shot: London Hughes, Ceebs Go Dating

4.Over indulging

We all have a tendency to start shovelling the food into our faces as fast as we can, yet there is a blissful and elusive moment where your brain and stomach become spiritually aligned.

It gives you a feeling of total inner and outer body satisfaction, also knows as the “happy place”.

Screen Shot: London Hughes enters the spiritual “Happy Place”

5. Disgust

There is a moment however, albeit perhaps a very brief moment, where you realise how much food has entered your body in the past 42 seconds.

Here, London has perfectly captured that moment, urging date Elliot to look away.

Screen Shot: LOOK AWAY !


6. Waste management

Just like Wotsits dust or buffalo wing sauce, fingers often become drenched in excess goodness when it comes to the best meals.

Some of us reach for a napkin to wipe away the mess but real foodies go in like London Hughes.


Screen Shot: London Hughes licks up the rest

7. Bowing out

When you’ve tucked into three starters, a hearty main, found room for dessert and added an afters coffee – yeah, this often happens.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

Celebs Go Dating’s London Hughes ladies and gentlemen – all of us when we enjoy food.

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