Celebs Go Dating 2020 confirms Olivia Bentley and Digby break up - fans are in shock!

Celebs Go Dating 2020 confirms Olivia Bentley and Digby break up - fans are in shock!

When Made in Chelsea series 18 drew to its close on Monday, November 11th, things between Olivia Bentley and Digby looked rocky as he was headed off to South Africa for three months.

But since filming ended, things have turned sour between the two-year couple and it now looks like they’re in Splitsville.

Things seem to be so over between the couple that Olivia Bentley has even signed on to do the next series of Celebs Go Dating!

So, what happened between Digby and Liv? Why did they break up and why is she going on a dating show so soon?

Ep11. Liv and Digby.

Digby and Liv: The break-up

Throughout the past few seasons of Made in Chelsea, Digby and Liv’s romance has been one of the most turbulent storylines. They’ve been on-off for years, breaking up and making up, getting with other cast members and then having massive public rows.

Terrible for the pair of them, but great viewing for us!

In the final episode, there were tears as Digby headed off to South Africa, with Liv saying she was unsure of how she would cope without Digby in London with her. Now, that doesn’t sound like the most stable of relationships.

But after some digging on Instagram, it seems that the two have officially split.

On November 19th 2019, Digby posted a snap with the caption “Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.” Neither him nor Olivia follow each other anymore.

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Liv on Celebs Go Dating

On November 21st, 2019, E4 confirmed the latest Celebs Go Dating lineup on their Instagram account.

This year’s lineup includes Love Island’s Amy Hart, actors Dean Gaffney and Malique Thompson-Dwyer and TOWIE’s James Lock and Amy Childs. But the surprise star of the 2020 lineup with Liv Bentley.

In her ‘first look’ promo, Liv said: “I’ve joined the Agency because my track record with blokes is not great, and I have no idea what I should look for in a guy.”

So, from the sounds of it, things didn’t go well with ol’ Diggers… we’ll just have to wait to see what really happened next season of MIC!

Fans shocks by Liv at the Agency

Understandably, many were shocked by the announcement that Liv would be joining the Dating Agency in 2020. Many were also annoyed as it’s a major MIC spoiler!

One fan Tweeted in response to the cast lineup: “Olivia Bentley? What happened to Digby?????” Another chipped in: “Hold up WTF has Olivia and Digby split????”

It’s going to take some time before the reasons for their breakup are revealed, but hopefully Liv will delve into the juicy goss with Anna and Paul next season.

When will Celebs Go Dating 2020 start?

Every year, E4 have shown two series of Celebs Go Dating; one airing in the spring and the other airing at the start of autumn.

So far, the earlier seasons have shown in February. It is likely that the 2020 season of Celebs Go Dating will air in mid-February as well but Channel 4 have not confirmed any start date.

We will update this page with any new information about the Celebs Go Dating start date as it is released.




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