Celebs Go Dating: Mutya Buena's date David was CUT from the show!

There is only one guy that caught Mutya Buena’s eye on Celebs Go Dating season 5.

The former Sugababes singer enjoyed a steamy romance with a bloke called David, snogging his face off as they leaned over the table for some serious PDA during date number one.

However, as series 5 heads towards the grand finale in Crete, Mutya will be the only celeb who doesn’t bring a date to the Crete island.

In fact, we won’t see from her at all!

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What Happened Between Mutya and David?

David went along to the season 5 finale in Crete as Mutya’s date.

However, filming was concluded several months ago and E4 have since decided to cut David from the show, meaning no Mutya either.

David addressed the issue on Instagram saying:

It is with great sadness that I tell you all I will not be featured on the rest of Celebs Go Dating… I can tell you that I did have a second date with Mutya and I was also taken to Crete with her… The reason behind me being taken off is due to a fabricated situation in which I was spitefully accused of being violent towards the mother of my child and the Police being involved…


Elite Level Personal Trainer

There’s personal training, then there’s elite level personal training.

While almost anyone can splash a grand on those Pure Gym toilet ads that will get you a personal trainer certification in a couple of months, David’s profession is a little different.

As an elite level personal trainer he takes on professional sportspersons and athletes.

Here he is training England international Tammy Abraham and his brother.

David’s personal training campaign can be found and followed under the hashtag #CampaignFitness on Instagram.


Obviously, it’s not just David’s clients that are in phenomenal shape.

A glance at David’s Insta is basically a porthole into the world of that beat mode gym life.

Epic Fail

Fortunately, there’s some proof on David’s Instagram that it’s not just gym newbies who epically fail in the gym.

Here he is smashing the place up like Hulk with some shallow squat depth adding an extra level of humour, too.

“What the f*ck is happening… what the hell!” 

Numbers in Action

Clearly, David’s game is all about numbers.

Whether he lands date numbers two, three and four with Mutya Buena, at least he can fall back on the beloved digits of his bench press and deadlift.

Who knew they made dumbells up to 80kg…




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