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Celebs Go Dating: Is Lady Colin Campbell a man or woman? Intersex explained!

This season of Celebs Go Dating on E4 is proving to be one of the best in years and it’s all thanks to one iconic reality star: Lady Colin Cambell.

Her hoighty-toighty, no-nonsense nature and high expectations have made her one of the Agency’s toughest but most memorable clients.

But every time Lady Colin Campbell rockets on to our screens, the same question lingers over her gender.

Vicious rumours circulated by her ex-husband Lord Colin Campbell in the 1970s meant that Lady C’s gender was always under speculation.

So let’s clear this up once and for all and explore why everyone is confused as to whether Lady C is a man or a woman.

Screenshot: celebs Go Dating S7 E3 – 4oD

Lady C ‘man’ rumours explained

Lady Colin Campbell was born on 17 August 1949 in Jamaica making her the oldest client the Agency have ever dealt with on the hit Channel 4 series.

At birth, she had a genital malformation and the advice that the Ziadie family received at the time was to raise Lady C as a boy. So she was christened George William and she lived as a boy until she was 21-years-old.

She then moved to New York and with $5,000 loaned to her by her grandmother, Lady C had corrective genital surgery. Next, she changed her name back to Georgia Arianna Ziadie and she could officially live as a woman.

Lord Colin Campbell’s rumour-spreading

Lady C married Lord Colin Ivar Campbell on March 23rd, 1974 after knowing him just five days.

And this spontaneous union wasn’t bound to last as what followed was a messy relationship filled with abuse and addiction issues. They divorced in 1975.

But in many ways, their divorce was messier than their short-lived marriage as Lord Colin Campbell turned on Lady C to the press.

He sold numerous stories to newspapers that Lady C was born a boy and had undergone a sex change. The Sunday People published a headline saying “Lord Colin Campbell last night revealed that his wife of nine months was once a man.”

Lady C sued multiple press organisations which said she had had a sex-change and accused her ex-husband of spreading untrue stories for money.

So is Lady Colin Campbell a man?


Technically, Lady Colin Campbell is – or was – intersex as she was born with genitals that neither resembled male or female. The term intersex is broad and covers a number of genetic characteristics but includes Lady C’s genital malformation.

But Lady Colin Campbell, even though she goes by her ex-husband’s name and title in the public eye, is 100% a woman.




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