Celebs Go Dating season 4 - BEST BITS - Sam Thompson fart, Tallia Storm fail!

Although Celebs Go Dating is back on E4 with a brand new season 5, it hasn’t quite cut the humour of last year’s season 4.

Olivia Attwood has been a particular highlight with her brash dating skills and obscene flirting nature.

However, it’s not quite Sam Thompson letting rip a fart in a meeting or Tallia Storm failing to walk in heels.

Here’s a rundown of our favourite Celebs Go Dating season 4 moments…

Ollie, Jonathan, Sam and Mike – CELEBS GO DATING SERIES 4, E4

Ben Orders a Tizer

He pulled out Gemma’s chair, presented her with a bouquet of poinsettia flowers, and even poured her a class of Prosecco as she sat down.

Then, perhaps in an attempt to save himself from the embarrassment of poorly pronouncing Prosecco, Ben instead reached deep into his knowledge of 1990’s fizzy drinks.

He could have opted for a Panda Pop or Tango but instead went for gold, putting in a order for a Tizer.


Nice one Ben. We’re sure the young waitress had no idea what you were on about!

Of course, Gemma picked up on Ben’s banging order, however.

Gemm said:

They don’t even make Tizer any more, you’re well old.

Screen Shot: Gemma Collins on Tizer fanatic Ben

Tallia Storm Can’t Wear Heels

It took just three seconds footage of Celebs Go Dating star Tallia Storm walking in heels to spark social media into a frenzy.

A few minutes into episode 18 of the E4 series and we witnessed Tallia rocking up to the Celebs Go Dating agency for her meeting with Eden and Nadia.

However, as the pop star strutted herself down the road, it looked as if her legs were about to snap into two trillion billion pieces as she clonked along in huge heals.

Literally, Tallia became a real-life version of Bambi on ice . . .

Comedian and voiceover hero Rob Beckett caught the moment perfectly and said:

Either she has new shoes or she’s sh*t herself.

Screen Shot: Tallia Storm in heels, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Tallia Storm in heels, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Tallia Storm in heels, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Sam Thompson Let’s Loose a Fart!

Attending a meeting with Celebs Go Dating agents Eden and Nadia, it looked as if Sam had become a little too comfortable in his surroundings.

After greeting bezzie-b receptionist Tom, Sam was bouncing around in excitement, seemingly about to explode in his meeting with the Celebs Go Dating agents.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4, receptionist Tom

Sam admitted how he was torn between both Amelia and Tammy, unsure which of the two girls he should pick to join him on the show finale in Cape Verde.

But, as Eden attempted to read Amelia’s evaluation of her previous date with Sam, the MIC man interrupted the conversation with an explosion of excitement.

While Eden missed the squeaky puff of noise, fellow agent Nadia clocked the fart and was left in stitches.

Screen Shot: Eden reacts

Screen Shot: Nadia has a laughing fit

Although Sam went on to apologise for the incident, Twitter was left with a four-second clip that they will treasure forever.


The World’s Weirdest Date

Rocking up to a date with Sam Thompson wearing a huge red cloak draped over her shoulders was the extremely quirky Vienna.

On the date, she explained how she currently works as a florist but her previous job was helping to get bodies ready for funerals.

As you can see, Sam wasn’t overly keen on the profession…

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4

Vienna said that “people find it really weird” but she finds it “interesting.”

Sam pressed the matter, bemused at how the stunning young women in front of him got into such a job. He didn’t really get the answers he was looking for, however, and was left more perplexed than anything.

Vienna said: “I dunno, I’ve always been into that sort of thing since a young age.”

Sam replied: “What death?”

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4 – Vienna in red

To which Vienna said “yeah” and that she found it “fascinating” and “wants to get back into it”.

She then completely killed the mood by saying:

I can handle the smell, but I’m not really a people person, so if they’re dead then you haven’t really got to deal with that.

At this point and Sam had said to camera: “O my god, can this date get any weirder?”

Well, the answer to that was a resounding yes.

Vienna went on to confess to another unlikely profession, commenting on her favourite part about the job.

She said:

 When I was a dental nurse I used to collect the teeth up all day.

In disappointment, however, Vienna said that she wasn’t allowed to take them home and had to store the teeth in jars at work. Poor girl.

The most bizarre story of all, however, was saved to last, with Vienna telling Sam how she “kept her brothers finger for a while” after it was cut off at work.

Here’s Sam trying to hide away from her grotesque stories under his napkin.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4

Vienna said:

 I forgot I had it though (the finger). You know, I thought I better keep it or whatever incase it can get stitched back on. But I left it in my pocket and it went through the wash a few times.”

Continuing to dunk her chicken nuggets into mayonnaise and nibbling at them delicately she said:

I found it not long ago actually it looked like a raisin – it was so mouldy.

London Hughes Enjoying Food

A reoccurring theme of Celebs Go Dating season 4 was the hilarious faces that London Hughes pulled while waiting for food, eating food and marvelling in her destruction of said food.

Girl loves food…

Screen Shot: London Hughes licks up the rest

Screen Shot: London Hughes enters the spiritual “Happy Place”

Screen Shot: London Hughes potentially having a mental breakdown

Screen Shot: London Hughes, Ceebs Go Dating






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