Celebs Go Dating: Tallia Storm and Seb Morris go into relationship therapy

On episode twelve of Celebs Go Dating and audiences were placed into the awkward situation of viewing a relationship therapy class between Tallia Storm and Seb Morris.

Tallia, the 19-year-old singer, and 22-year-old race car driver Seb had dated for a few months while they were in their young teenage years before coming to a mutual break up.

However, since Seb joined the Celebs Go Dating agency and there had been evident tension between the pair, with Tallia often acting jealous and bitter – not that she would ever admit it.

There was an incredibly odd scene earlier in the series where Seb had momentarily left his date to check-in on Tallia and her date, as they were both dining in the same restaurant.

Perhaps it was in fact Seb who had never fully let go of the relationship . . . luckily expert Phillipa was on hand to get to the bottom of it.

Go on Philippa and your awesome stripy hair!

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating in relationship therapy

Tallia started the relationship therapy session in typical passionless fashion, shrugging off her past relationship with Seb by saying:

“We went out when we were younger and there is nothing more to it.”

However, as she continued with “we ended and I moved on” there were painful looks around every living room in the UK, with audiences knowing that deep down it seemed like Tallia had definitely not moved on.


The therapist probed further, asking how “Tallia felt about Seb”,  as the calm and collected British race car champion could do nothing more than sit quietly and await his ex-girlfriend’s ruthless report.

Tallia answered, following a nervous laugh: “I feel like it’s a bad dream that won’t end.”

Ah. Ouch.

Tallia went on to explain that Seb “still comments on her family Facebook posts” and that it’s as if they ended but Seb is still “in a relationship with her family”.

“It makes me really sad.” – summarised Tallia.

Things continued to get pretty tense as Seb elaborated on their relationship problems, including recaps over constant arguments, which very nearly spiralled into an argument itself – very ironic.

The pair finally made eye contact – while the rest of the UK probably withdrew eye contact from the screen – and battled it over who was in the wrong.

Screen Shot: Seb Morris and Tallia Storm in relationship therapy

Screen Shot: Tallia Storm

It got heated as the pair discussed how the Celebs Go Dating agency had found out that their two clients were in a previous relationship, with Tallia pushing the blame towards Seb.

Seb said: “Do you want to know how Nadia and Eden found out about that you and I had been together?

“It’s because I said I’ve only ever loved on girl in my life.

Screen Shot: Seb Morris, Celebs Go Dating

“And they said what was her name, and I said Tallia.”

Screen Shot: Seb Morris, Celebs Go Dating

Cue the awkward silence.

Seb continued to explain that his time with Tallia “was the best of his life” and that he hadn’t had a successful relationship with another girl since.

Tallia just brushed aside Seb’s comments.

Like, full on Storm style.

Screen Shot: Tallia Storm in full swing


Phillipa rounded up the therapy as Seb yielded into the fact he wanted to “give Tallia a hug and say sorry”.

You don’t need to guess the type of reaction that Tallia shunned back in Seb’s direction.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

This girl is ice cold.

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