In the first dating mixer of Celebs Go Dating season 5, Olivia Attwood matched with a guy named Tobias.

Although the pair hit it off at first, with Olivia calling him “cute”, the date looked like it was about to turn south as episode 1 came to a close.

The teaser trailer to episode 2 saw Liv getting typically drunk and lairy, as she kick-started a rant about not trusting people who don’t drink while branding them “boring”.

Tobias timidly sipped on his cocktail…

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, series 5, episode 1

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, series 5, episode 1

Tobias is a Fitness Model

While Liv was knocking back the champagne like it was water, Tobias was busy wondering whether the calorie intake of his bubbly was on par with his beloved H2O.

He may have also been looking for a protein-based cocktail…

You see, Tobias Wayland is a personal trainer, nutrition expert, fitness model and bodybuilder.

He finished third as UKUP Mens Physique competition and would probably sh*t a brick if he saw a copy of Olivia’s daily diet.

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This time last year I competed in my first ever men’s physique competition! I gave myself just 6 WEEKS to prepare for this! I coached, prept and trained myself throughout the entire process, fully natural to prove to my clients/followers that hard work gets you what you want with enough discipline, consistency and patience! Always believe in yourself, visualise everything you want asif you already have it and it will happen! I honestly would like to thank everyone that supported me throughout that journey as it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,you know who you are! Big things to come keep tuned in guys! Finally, enough about me GOOD LUCK to all athletes competing today make the most of it, it is an absolutely unreal experience not to forget! ???? p.s diet face on point!

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Tobias on Instagram

Tobias has a wealth of topless photos on Instagram, with over 2,000 followers to date.

Most photos are about his abs, which, to be fair, are a little bit intimidating.


Could poke someone’s eye out if you’re not careful...

What Else Do We Know?

Tobias is from Rotherham.

He works as a PT at the gym Rotherham

Is Celebs Go Dating on Tonight?


Celebs Go Dating is on tonight.

It airs on E4, at 10 pm, and continues every night for 20 consecutive episodes (other than Saturday nights).




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