Celebs Go Dating: What to do if your ex is having a date in the same restaurant?

Celebs Go Dating: What to do if your ex is having a date in the same restaurant?

For a very unfortunate few of us, we may have ended up in the situation where our ex is in the same restaurant.

And, for the very, very small minority, we may have experienced the excruciatingly awkward scenario of being on a date at the same time as your ex.

This, ladies and gentleman, is the exact scenario that unfolded on episode eight of Celebs Go Dating.

Great British champion racing driver Seb Morris was welcomed into the Celebs Go Dating agency as the first newcomer of the new Channel 4 series, meeting quirky receptionst Tom to explain his profession as a pro driver.

Which Tom could only draw comparisons to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang . . .

Screen Shot: Seb Morris joins Celebs Go Dating

But, 22-year-old Seb was no stranger to one particular face within the Celebs Go Dating crew.

Seb is the ex-boyfriend of Tallia Storm. Oh, Jesus.

Seb said to the agency: “My first proper girlfriend was called Tallia.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – Be careful what you say about Tallia

“I really liked her and have never really had that connection with any other girl.”

The agency asked Seb if Tallia was “the one that got a way”, to which the fumbling race car driver admitted ‘yes’, with a shimmer in his eye that suggested he’d potentially look at rekindling their relationship.

At this point and the audience felt that setting up Seb and Tallia on a date to discuss their past would probably be a smart move.

But, this is Celebs Go Dating, and instead they were set up on separate dates . . . in the same restaurant.

Neither Tallia or Seb were aware that they would be in the same vicinity, with Seb heading out for his first date in five months with Clarissa and Tallia propped up at the bar awaiting her man Cobi.

The pair briefly crossed paths as expected, with Talia describing the situation as “weird” about 12 times.


Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

However, once the two dates had commenced and Seb stepped forward with a move that shocked EVERYONE.

This is what happened with both couples already fully engaged in conversation with their dates. . .

Tallia admitted that she couldn’t even remember the name of her date having been distracted by Seb and the roaring fun he was having on his date.

Perhaps Seb’s plan of going over and addressing ‘the elephant in the room’ worked after all. Seb said of his date, student and cheerleader Clarissa:

“We just got on so well.

Screen Shot: Seb Morris on his date

“There were no gaps in conversation and I was just sort of all in thrall with her.”

The episode ended with Seb admitting he needed a ‘clear the air’ chat with Tallia, with everybody now twitching to see how that could end up.

Is there a chance Tallia and Seb could get back together?

Celebs Go Dating airs at 9pm on E4. Catchup with all the stories from the show here.

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