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EPIC FAIL: Celebs Go Dating star Tallia Storm attempts to walk in heels

It took just three seconds footage of Celebs Go Dating star Tallia Storm walking in heels to spark social media into a frenzy.

A few minutes into episode 18 of the E4 series and we witnessed Tallia rocking up to the Celebs Go Dating agency for her meeting with Eden and Nadia.

However, as the pop star strutted herself down the road, it looked as if her legs were about to snap into two trillion billion pieces as she clonked along in huge heals.

Literally, Tallia became a real life version of Bambi on ice . . .

Comedian and voiceover hero Rob Beckett caught the moment perfectly and said:

“Either she has new shoes or she’s sh*t herself.”

Screen Shot: Tallia Storm in heels, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Tallia Storm in heels, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Tallia Storm in heels, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Social media fans took to their platforms to laugh out loud at Tallia and her heel dilemma.

Later in the episode and Tallia announced that she was completely over old flame and fellow Celebs Go Dating client Seb Morris, as she set about a threesome date with a trio of new guys.

With the show finale in Cape Verde coming in the next episode, Tallia was tasked with getting to know her three guys as much as possible and to come to a decision about who she could take on a romantic trip abroad.

At this point, however, and Rob Beckett had some hilarious advice for Tallia as she walked away completely destroying her sparkling new heels.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

On the threesome date and Tallia wasn’t particularly impressed by her starter. And we don’t mean in food terms, we mean the tweed-wearing Benji, who was date number one.

Tallia said that the real estate agent “wasn’t really her cup of tea” and was equally put off by 25-year-old Teddy, mainly because he had a stain down his jeans.

Third date Tom needed to save the day, and the “rough and rugged” professional rugby player seems like the obvious choice for Tallia, although the pop princess confessed that she still hasn’t made up her mind on who to take to Cape Verde.

Catch Celebs Go Dating nightly on E4 at 9pm. There two more episodes, set to air on Wednesday (February 28, 2018) and Thursday (March 1, 2018).


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