Gemma Collins thinks she is going to "fall off the equator” in Cape Verde 

Gemma Collins thinks she is going to "fall off the equator” in Cape Verde 

Essex babe Gemma Collins came out with a one-liner of pure comical genius in episode 19 of Celebs Go Dating, although she didn’t do it on purpose.

There have been mixed opinions when it comes to The Only Way Is Essex star following her brash and often rude approach to dating – AKA she has a tendency to walk out on her dates or completely stands them up.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

With the Celebs Go Dating grand finale in Cape Verde set to air on Thursday night (March 1, 2018) on E4, at 9pm, Gemma had to come to a decision regarding who she was going to take with her on the short romantic vacation.

Instead, however, The GC, decided that both nice guy Laurence and race car driver Daniel would love to join her for the getaway.

You know what they say, three is never a crowd.

Gemma said: “I thought do you know what, bring them both along. At the end of the trip, the leading man will be with me and the other one can carry my cases.”

However, it was prior to this utterance of stupidity where Gemma managed to say something even more absurd.

Speaking with the well-spoken and highly intelligent receptionist Tom, Gemma became worried about the location of Cape Verde after Tom had described the holiday spot as “equatorial”.

Screen Shot: Tom can’t wait to go to Cape Verde

After enquiring into “what equatorial meant”, Tom kindly explained that Cape Verde was on the equator before Gemma came out with this . . .

Screen Shot: Gemma Collins, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Gemma Collins, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Top work Gemz.

Once arriving in Cape Verde the TOWIE star took both Lawrence and Daniel on separate dates to try and decide which one she would take to the grand finale.

She ground Laurence and his manhood down as much as possible during their beach date, asking him if he could “stop the wind” while constantly requesting him to plump her pillows.

Screen Shot: Gemma Collins and her orders

Oh yeah, she also repeatedly got Laurence’s name wrong.

Gemma’s date with Daniel rattled along the same lines of conversation, as Gemma probed with questions such as “would you petrol in my car?” and “if I was your girlfriend how much would you spend on me?”

She even left the table at the end exclaiming:

“I know you’ll get the bill cus you’re a gentleman.”

Daniel’s came across as less submissive to Gemma’s orders, although you will have to wait until tomorrow’s final episode to see who the TOWIE star brings to the grand finale.

Whoever it is, Twitter is adamant that dating Gemma is not a wise decision.

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