When Jack Fincham entered 2018 Love Island, one of his features was an instant talking point: His teeth.

Jack became famous for his glistening white gnashers and as soon as he stepped into the Majorca villa he was asked about how he got them so bright white. Jack even recounted how he flew to Turkey to have them done!

And he’s hoping his winning smile will give him some luck on Celebs Go Dating as he joins the star-studded lineup of celebrity singletons looking for love.

But just where did Jack get his teeth done and will they prove a hit with the ladies on series 7 of Celebs Go Dating?

Jack Fincham

What work has Jack had done on his teeth?

Jack obviously has had his teeth whitened. It is not humanly possible to get as fluorescent teeth as Jack Fincham’s without some dental intervention.

From some early pictures taken off of Jack’s Instagram, it also looks like his teeth shape has changed over the years, suggesting he has had veneers. He definitely closed up some gaps that were around before 2018.

Take a look at these before and after pics to see what we mean.



How to get teeth like Jack’s

We knew Jack Fincham went to Turkey to have his teeth done and we’ve found the exact place.

Dental Centre Turkey has done the teeth of many reality stars such as Love Island’s Cara and Nathan, TOWIE’s Amber Turner and Katie Price. And Jack is added to their roster of stars who have trusted Dental Centre to get that TV-perfect white smile.

But it comes at a price, as laser teeth whitening costs £350!

If Jack had his veneers done there as well, the prices are straight into the five-figures. A single veneer for one tooth costs between £145 – £325. So imagine how much a whole mouth full of veneers costs…

Jack’s teeth are a talking point on Celebs Go Dating

Jack Fincham’s teeth became a talking point during the first episode of Celebs Go Dating on E4.

But not for the right reason. 

Jack explained that his “teeth now are little stumps” because he had veneers done. One viewer asked “How’s Jack ended up with all them lasses when he’s been going on about how his teeth are stumps?”

Not only did Jack call his teeth “stumpy” at the first episode’s mixer but said that he wanted them to be whiter… we’re not sure if Jack’s teeth could be any whiter!

It didn’t seem to bother the girls he was chatting up at the first episode’s mixer though and Jack proved a hit with the ladies.



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