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London Hughes playing sexual innuendo AND golf is the funniest thing on TV

Celebs Go Dating star London Hughes had audiences in stitches during her latest appearance on the Channel 4 show.

Series Two has provided plenty of laughs – although a great deal of them have been directed at “Muggy” Mike Thalassitis – with comedian London coming into her own in episode nine.

Rocking up to the agency to confirm her date with Elliot, London had some cracking quotes about her lady parts.

First, the smiley comedian who burped in date one and picked chicken from her teeth using a chopstick in date two, chuckled to the advice of agent Nadia.

Nadia said of London’s ‘hard girl’ persona:

“The hard shell is making the hard-ons go away.”

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Creasing up in laughter and London went on to quip the quote of the series after Nadia mentioned she “wasn’t there to make friends”.

“Exactly,” – said London.

“I’m here to breed someone.”

London continued to bounce from quote to quote, as if saying she wanted to breed with someone wasn’t enough.

With London’s lady parts now “awake” an activity date with personal trainer Elliot was arranged. The two were to play a couple rounds of boozy crazy golf.

Not that London really understood the, err, concept.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

Like she really didn’t get the idea of golf even when playing it.

Screen Shot – London Hughes

After a series of insanely un-athletic golf swings and London continued to put everything Tiger Woods has stood for into question.

Awarding herself seven points for hitting the ball “close to the hole” with one swing, London looked like she was enjoying her date at least.

Screen Shot: Err, not sure that’s how it works

However, she admitted to camera how nerves often got the better of her when it comes to remaining cool, calm and charming in her chat.

And yup, London flirted on the borderline of causing serious offence as she grilled into Elliot, probing about everything from his nickname to education.

She said: “Did you ever get GCSE’s?”

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – London’s chat isn’t on form

Before responding to Elliot’s response that he got a BTEC in mechanics with: “That is so basic.”

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – London’s chat isn’t on form

You could literally see the moment that Elliot was fed up with London’s ridicule.

Screen Shot: The face of a deflated man

However, the comedian smoothed things over and even admitted to wanting a second date.

She played her top trump, wriggling her booty against PT Elliot as he pretended to teach her the tips and tricks to golf – Tiger Woods style.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating

London confronted her date “asking do you even fancy me” and after perhaps a pause too long of silence, Elliot said he did fancy her.

Agreeing to a second date, the duo should be paired up on the show next week.

Hopefully they can continue a sport-themed series of dating because London is simply hilarious in these situations.

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