Meet Teddy - The man who said literally NOTHING on Celebs Go Dating

Meet Teddy - The man who said literally NOTHING on Celebs Go Dating

There was one peculiar and simply silent character that emerged over the 20-episode series of Celebs Go Dating. His name was Teddy.

In the final two episodes of the E4 dating show and popstar Tallia Storm was introduced to a bloke named Teddy during a three-person date and dash scenario.

Despite saying very little, Tallia decided to jet Teddy with her for the grand finale in Cape Verde.

Here, Ted said even less.

Who is this man? What was going through his head?

Screen Shot: TEDDY – Celebs Go Dating, E4

Teddy Is Not A Cuddly Bear

When Tallia first met Teddy, a mountaineer and travel freelancer (whatever the hell that is) the 25-year-old was shy, quiet and reserved, giving literally nothing away about his personality.

Weirdly, however, Tallia “digged it”.

She said to Teddy: “I quite like that you’ve not handed this to me on a plate, do you know what I mean by that?”

Of course, Teddy just sort of shrugged and grunted to that question before Tallia went on to explain that T-bear “couldn’t care less if they saw each other again” and that she “quite liked that.”

Screen Shot: TEDDY – Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: TALLIA – Celebs Go Dating, E4

Teddy Slops His Honey

During the first date and Teddy turned on the charm by explaining how he had thrown on any old outfit, had rushed to the date from work, and in fact had a stain on his jeans.


Teddy Goes On Holiday

Despite what would have been noted as a catastrophe of a first date by most people, Tallia soon packed her Teddy onto a plane to Cape Verde.

Yep, Tallia had clicked with so few people across the 18 episodes that she took Teddy to the grand finale. It was only going to end in tears.

Even in the beautiful sunshine and at a luxurious hotel, Teddy seemed unable or unwilling to relax. He was spotted by voiceover comedian Rob Beckett hiding in the corner of the resort.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

And when Teddy finally had the chance to chat with Tallia he cut yet another awkward figure – the pair had the most uncomfortable chemistry!

No Picnic For Teddy 

On the day of the grand finale and Tallia made one last attempt at trying to bleed some fun from the robust stone that was Teddy.

She had no luck.

Tallia puts Teddy on the spot . . .

Teddy responds with a grunt

Eventually, Tallia decided to roll up to the final party on her own rather than drag her little Teddy bear with her.

Screen Shot: Tallia, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Tallia, Celebs Go Dating, E4

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