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Olivia Attwood: Who are her PARENTS? Does she have any brothers and sisters?

Olivia Attwood was the star of Love Island series 3 and is now the shining light of Celebs Go Dating season 5.

The blonde-haired beauty has been hugely entertaining on the E4 show, with outrageous one-liners, hilarious anecdotes and an unquenchable thirst for double vodka cranberry’s.

Liv recently introduced her mum to the show and mentioned that her dad was half German.

So, who are Olivia Attwood’s parents? What do we know about her family?

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, Channel 4

Olivia Attwood: Mum

Olivia Attwood’s mum is called Jenny and we have seen her a few times during Liv’s reality TV stints.

Jenny first appeared on Love Island series 3 with her sister when she met Liv’s villa boyfriend Chris Hughes.

On the show, Jenny said:

When you’re at your best together, you are having so much fun, but you’ve got these big personalities and you’ve got to allow each other to be yourself… It’s been pretty emotional watching you, it’s been difficult at times.

ITV Picture Desk

Jenny also appeared on Liv’s brief reality TV spin-off series Chris and Olivia: Crackin’ On.

The show focused on Chris and Liv’s relationship after Love Island, where things slowly turned sour and the pair broke up following several toxic feuds.

Jenny’s thoughts on Chris had significantly changed by this point…

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe 

Jenny also briefly turned up on Celebs Go Dating where viewers were shocked by her dialogue with daughter Olivia.

Liv was supposed to be getting advice from her mum on an upcoming date with Zack although she ended up embarrassing her mother with some crude language.

Liv said: “I went on a date with a guy called Zack. You’d like him. He went to boarding school and what happened… we went on a date with Amy [Tapper] but with four people I don’t think you get to take so much in.

Jenny responded: “Well because it was foursome you don’t get to take as much as you like.”

Olivia then hit back with:

Steady! That’s sex. I know you and dad, keys in the bowl and all of that… this was not that sort of weekend.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Olivia drunk

Olivia Attwood: Dad

For all we know about Jenny, we know very little about Liv’s dad.

His name is Kai and Olivia has repeatedly said he is German.

However, if it’s this Kai Attwood that has popped up on Twitter a few times, then perhaps Liv has crossed her geographical wires…

Olivia Attwood: Brother

If Olivia’s dad is Canadian then it would help explain why her little brother lives in Canada.

Little bro Max Attwood is studying at the University of Calgary, Canada.

The pair look remarkably familiar and you can follow him on Instagram under @maxattwodd_

Olivia Attwood: Sister

The final piece in Olivia’s family jigsaw is Olivia’ sister, Georgia.

Georgia is an executive search consultant and a part-time model with over 15,000 followers on Instagram.

Her Instagram, @georgia.attwood, is set to private.



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