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Twitter Reacts: Is Celebs Go Dating star Tallia Storm RUDE or just HONEST?

Tallia Storm has made quite the impact since entering the dating scene on Channel 4 show Celebs Go Dating.

The Scottish singer who once dated Brooklyn Beckham – yes, son of king David Beckham – has been dividing opinions on Twitter with her demanding and brutally honest personality.

Having already dated once on the show, Tallia went into episode five explaining to the agency as to why she only rated the experience a 4.75 out of 10. No idea why she put a decimal point by the way, but it did make her IQ seem 0.156 higher.

Tallia was scored 9 out of 10 by her debutant date Harry, although he admitted that he felt as if Tallia was looking down on him for studying at University.

Twitter agreed. Strongly.

To ramp up the excitement for Tallia’s next date however, it was going to be a blind date.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Tallia was strongly advised to not look down on her date or to “look like a serial killer” using her very serious “resting b*tch face”.

Honestly, it’s quite the picture.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – Tallia’s resting b*tch face

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – Tallia’s resting b*tch face

At the date, and waiting for 22-year-old Jason from Birmingham, Tallia didn’t do herself any favours with social media fans following her piece to camera.

She said: “I just hope he’s going to be strong enough to handle the storm.” – Eugh, when people speak in third person.

Tallia’s date with the deep voiced, tattoo covered bar manager was flirtatious at first, with the pair making a cocktail together and Jason leading the way.

Yep, he even did all that juggling jazz.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – juggling Jason

However, it started to turn sour when Tallia asked a simple question of “so what’s your go-to chat-up line?”.

Date Jason confidently responded by saying:

“I used to have ‘let’s fuck’ tattooed on my index finger.”

Tallia said “why would you get that tattooed” and added “that’s tragic”. Clearly, she was not impressed.

Here comes that face again.


Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – recognise that face?

Tallia continued to thrust herself into the driving seat of the conversation, asking her date if  “he was out of his comfort zone” and as to why she was intimidating.

Probably because you’re asking if you’re intimidating . . .

She said aggressively: “If I didn’t ask questions then we would be sat here in silence”

After a pause of more awkward silence and with the date tumbling down from flirty chat to full blown argument territory, Tallia added:

“I think you’ve got issues with talking about yourself, I think that’s what the problem is here.”

Submitted into opening up, Jason did more than admit to how he was feeling and dropped a huge clanger by suddenly saying that he was “actually thinking about his ex.”

Excruciatingly awkward, the taxis couldn’t come any sooner as Jason said “you can go and I’ll sort the bill”.

Tallia stormed off and that was the end of that end.

Twitter has been split however, either backing Tallia for leaving a date that was truly disastrous or questioning her for pushing Jason into a corner with her bullish personality.



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