Celebs Go Dating: Twitter turns on "two-timing" Sam Thompson

Celebs Go Dating: Twitter turns on "two-timing" Sam Thompson

Celebs Go Dating fan favourite Sam Thompson faced a backlash on social media after making a terrible choice of judgement in the series grand finale.

The 20-episode E4 show had been leading up to one moment, where each celebrity picks one date to join them on a romantic getaway in Cape Verde.

However, Made In Chelsea star Sam ended up taking two dates to Cape Verde. He kissed them both and still hasn’t told either of the girls which one he prefers.

It’s the love triangle of the reality TV century.



As all of the Celebs Go Dating crew relaxed on the beaches of Western Africa, Sam was tasked with meeting both of his dates, and to tell them that they weren’t the only ones jetted in for a romantic holiday.

Fans watched in agony as both Tammy and Emelia rocked up Cape Verde, blissfully unaware that the other existed.

It was up to Sam to break the news.

Armed with the advice of the boys, Sam approached date one Tammy.

Things didn’t go well.

Tammy retaliated to the news by saying “well that’s not ideal” but seemed to remain pretty calm about the whole situation despite walking away exclaiming “what sort of bullsh*t is this”.

Date two reacted even worse.

All eyes were on Emilia as she arrived dressed in her best bikini and orange flowing kimono type thing.

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson, Celebs Go Dating, E4

Screen Shot: Emilia Celebs Go Dating, E4

Sam took her to one side and explained that “there was another girl’ who “he’s been on a date with”. At this point, however, the other date Tammy was suddenly brought into the equation.

Cue the awkwardness . . .

Screen Shot: Tammy meet Emilia, Emilia meet Tammy

The scene ended with Sam agreeing to take both dates out for one last rendezvous.

Patiently waiting for his dates to arrive, the MIC man was in a pool of sweaty tension, as you can see.

In fact, he even asked the waiter for some advice:

However, the smooth operator managed to woo over both of his dates and even ended up digging himself a deeper hole that he may never save himself from.

Here’s Sam kissing Emilia at the end of their date.

Screen Shot: Sam kisses Emilia

And here he is kissing Tammy, on the exact same bar stool, at the end of their date.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, E4

Yup. If he hadn’t already led the two on by inviting them both on holiday, now Sam has really put himself in a pickle.



You’ll have to tune in to tomorrow night’s final episode (E4, 9pm) to find out who Sam chooses for the grand final day . . . and what the hell the ditched date does for the rest of the day!

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