We found Luke from Celebs Go Dating 2019 on Insta - check out Chloe Sims' date!
Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating S7 E17 - 4oD

We found Luke from Celebs Go Dating 2019 on Insta - check out Chloe Sims' date!

Chloe Sims has been a tough cookie to crack when it comes to dating. And following a tough year dating fellow TOWIE castmate Dan Edgar, Chloe looks like she’s ready to give love another shot.

So she’s back in the dating agency with her second stint on Celebs Go Dating and this time she’s bringing younger sis Demi with her.

Chloe is torn between two dates, Luke and Tom. Rather than deciding between the two, she’s decided to have her cake and eat it as she’s invited both men to Crete.

Get to know her date Luke here… we found him on Instagram!

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating S7 E17 – 4oD

Luke and Chloe’s date

Luke and Chloe had been on three successful dates but it wasn’t enough to convince Chloe that he was the one.

But in episode 17 (Monday, August 26th), when Chloe went on dates with both Luke and her other date Tom, she realised there may be some potential there.

Looking for a big personality to match hers, Chloe was certain that she would “walk all over” Luke. But she was taken aback and pleasantly surprised when he was adamant she couldn’t.

Things seem to be on the up for Luke!

We found Luke on Instagram

You can follow Luke on Instagram @lucarobbo. He already has a following of over 1,200!

Currently based in London, Luke’s Instagram shows that he likes to travel the world. He’s been everywhere from Thailand to Australia.

When he’s been in Thailand, Luke has participated in Muy Thai boxing.

No wonder Chloe fancies him with a boxing bod like that!

Is Luke or Tom more suited to Chloe?

Although she was attracted to him, one of Chloe’s main issues with Luke was that he “had no banter” and that he was too serious.

She struggled to decide which of her dates she wanted to bring with her to Crete and while Chloe has been on three dates with Luke, we don’t think these two are meant to last.

Luke has the looks Chloe is after but Tom has the banter. So although they may enjoy a romantic rendezvous in Crete, neither of the relationships look like home runs.




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