When is the Celebs Go Dating final? Which NON-celebs are going?

The final of Celebs Go Dating season 5 is just around the corner – and what an eventful series it’s been so far!

Regular dating expert Nadia Essex got the chop while Paul Brunson made his U.K TV debut in replace of Eden Blackman.

For the nine celebs on the Channel 4 series, however, only a few seem to have found their ideal dates.

Here’s everything you need to know about the grand final in Crete and the non-celebs who could be on their way to a free holiday!

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating season 5 episode 8, Callum

When is the Celebs Go Dating Final?

Episode 20, the final of Celebs Go Dating, is set to air on Thursday, November 8th.

The series 5 finale in Crete will air for 60 minutes on Channel 4 from 10 pm.

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Which Non-celebs Are Going?

We will update this article as the answers are confirmed.

However, we have a pretty good idea of who the celebrities are keen on from their dates so far.

Amy Tapper – Ace Hearn

There’s only one date that Gogglebox star Amy Tapper has enjoyed so far in the series and that was with Ace Hearn.

The pair can be seen enjoying plenty of playful banter over Instagram, sparking rumours that they could even still be dating.

Ace and Amy, the sweetest couple of season 5!

Celebs Go Dating: Meet Amy Tapper’s ‘ACE’ date

Celebs Go Dating series 5 episode 14

Celebs Go Dating series 5 episode 14

Chloe Sims – Posh George

By far the hardest to please out of all celebrities in this season – and perhaps ever – TOWIE babe Chloe Sims has turned her nose up at everyone she has met.

A fella called George is who Chloe picked, though… mainly because he owns a fancy retreat home in Saint-Tropez.

Celebs Go Dating: Who is George? – Chloe Sims’ date for Crete!

Callum Izzard – Amy Leigh Walker and Nicole Paris

A surprising star of the series, viewers knew very little about Ibiza Weekender rep Callum Izzard before his time on the show.

However, he’s quickly become the most talked about celeb in the agency, not least because he plans on taking two girls to Crete.

One lucky lady is lingerie model Amy Leigh Walker and the other is Nicole.

Celebs Go Dating: Callum dates lingerie model AMY ?

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, Amy and Callum, season 5 episode 12

Celebs Go Dating: Meet CALLUM Izzard’s stunning date for Crete – Nicole!

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating, Channel 4

Mutya Buena – No-one

Former Sugababe Mutya Buena has been as unlucky in love as the others. Especially during that horrendous date with French gym-lover Jonathan.

It got even worse for Mut’s after it was revealed that she did take David to the retreat in Crete.

However, all of her segments were cut out after David became embroiled in a legal dispute!

Celebs Go Dating: Mutya Buena’s date David is a gym BEAST on Instagram!

David’s Instagram read:

It is with great sadness that I tell you all I will not be featured on the rest of Celebs Go Dating… I can tell you that I did have a second date with Mutya and I was also taken to Crete with her… The reason behind me being taken off is due to a fabricated situation in which I was spitefully accused of being violent towards the mother of my child and the Police being involved…

Sam Craske – Rhea

Sam Craske took too long to ask out Olivia Attwood himself, meaning he had very little other options.

Fortunately, he went on a last minute date with Rhea and was blown away!

7 flaming hot pics of RHEA – Sam Craske’s Celebs Go Dating Crete date!

Olivia Attwood – Tommy

According to the show, both Sam and Olivia were keen to go on a date, however, the agency stipulates that co-stars cannot date each other.

Instead, Liv took a shining to Essex geezer Tommy Cole.

Olivia’s date TOMMY has a ‘Next Top Mode’ ex!

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating – Olivia and Tommy

Alik Alfus – Isadora

Alik enjoyed steamy dates with both Isadora and Charlotte.

Eventually, however, the MIC star blew his chances with Charlotte by explaining in detail how he had got with Isadora.

Eya Booker – Kyiis

Eyal has had his fair share of dates yet has found every woman either too spiritual or not spiritual enough.

Fortunately, he managed to seal the deal with Kyiis before she got a true taste of his personality.

Celebs Go Dating Kyiis -MEET Eyal Booker’s date for Crete!

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Kyiis, Channel 4

Vas J Morgan – Sunnie

Likewise, fellow former Essex star Vas J Morgan has rattled through the men without finding an instant connection.

Fortunately, Vas fell head over heels for Sunnie during their last-minute blind date in episode 17.

Talk about saving the best until last…




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