On the recent episode of brand new Celebs Go Dating, we saw Geordie womanizer, Marty McKenna, go on a first date with the stunning Londoner, Shalishah Kay. Fans were gobsmacked with her grace and infectious smile and are dying to know more.

Shalishah said she wanted to meet someone supportive and who “doesn’t take life too seriously.” The date went well – aside from Marty’s usual and questionable comments – and fans of the show are shouting her praises for her class and stand-out smile.

If you want to know more about Shalishah, keep reading. We did some digging and have got all the tea below.

Ready To Love | New Season Trailer | OWN

Ready To Love | New Season Trailer | OWN
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Who is Shalishah Kay?

Born and Bred in London, Shalishah is a hardworking model, fashion blogger and social media manager.

Her hard work and dedication has paid off as she now has over 100,000 followers on her Instagram and almost 50,000 on TikTok and she has become somewhat of an influencer.

Aside from her Instagram and TikTok, she also has a YouTube account and her own blog site that is, once again, a great success. Consisting of lifestyle, food, travel and fashion articles, Shalishah really covers everything!

Her fans seem to love her content and positive outlook on life, with comments showing nothing but support and love.

Her Instagram feed consists mainly of beauty and makeup reviews, fashion posts and collaborations with brands, including big names like Boohoo and Missy Empire. However, if you head over to her blog ShalishaKay her followers get to see a much more candid Shalishah who isn’t afraid to open up about her personal life.

Shalishah is obsessed with food and culture

Through having a two-minute scroll on her Instagram and her blog, the most noticeable thing about Shalishah is her passion for food, travel and experiencing other cultures.

Her blog has a section specifically for her food posts and reviews. The opening line to the page states,

As a massive foodie, I thought it was only right that I dedicated a section to what I love most of all! Satisfy those taste buds and Enjoy my food adventure!

Her Instagram pictures also show her enjoying food and life in general in multiple different countries, Shalishah has travelled to many cities across Europe including Marbella, Paris and Ibiza.

Camden is clearly one of her favourite places to try new food, with every few photos on her Instagram being somewhere in Camden and somewhere with food. I mean, who can blame her!

Shalishah says she is “unapologetically high-maintenance”

Shalishah’s blog shows a very candid side of her personality and clearly, her followers love it. Shalishah is open about who she is as a person and makes no excuses for it.

In one of her blogs, she speaks about her experience with men and admits to being ‘high-maintenance.’

In the blog she said, “I have always thought to myself why should I settle for less than what I can provide for myself and what I would want to give to others?”

Shalisha continued, ” It may sound superficial- but to me, life is way too short to be thinking of what could have happened or being miserable because I forced myself to be content with something that wasn’t up to what I really want. After all, we will both end up unhappy.”

Her honesty is refreshing and her followers can’t get enough! Catch up with Celebs Go Dating to see more of Shalishah in action.



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