At long last, Love Island: The Christmas Reunion arrived on December 17th and it did not disappoint.

All of the series 4 favourites returned for a big festive knees-up, not without a load of awkward couple’s chats, though.

Of all the Love Island couples to hash it out, Ellie and Charlie really had some bitter words to exchange.

The pair apparently hadn’t spoken to each other properly since their break up on social media after Charlie was pictured out with a blonde-haired woman.

Ellie was adamant that she had seen the photos of Charlie’s unfaithful behaviour, so what were they of?
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Ellie and Charlie Meet Again

A Love Island reunion is bound to cause some havoc but the argument that went down between Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown was uncomfortable, to say the least.

Ellie seemed as if she just wanted closure from ex-boyfriend Charlie, but it didn’t quite pan out as expected.
Screen Shot: Love Island Reunion – ITV

What Happened Between Charlie and Ellie?

Back in the summer of 2018 Charlie and Ellie were both dumped from Love Island at the same time on day 43.

They left the villa hand in hand and went on to continue dating on the outside world.

However, thanks to Ellie taking us right back to the start, the general public got to understand where it all went wrong.
Screen Shot: Love Island Reunion – ITV

The Live Photo

Ellie kicked off the emotional argument and said: “I just can’t move on and be in a civil place with you until you start being honest and apologetic.”

I go to sleep Monday night and Tuesday morning I wake up to a few messages ‘Charlie’s with a blonde girl’, so I text you asking where you were.

Ellie then got sent a photo of Charlie eating dinner with said blonde-haired woman in London.

Ellie continued: “You say it was from a long time ago and it’s photoshopped.”

At this point, Charlie then said that he held his hands up and admitted that he was in London the previous night.

You lied until I said I had a live photo. When I said where were you last night you said you’d been in Kent all night.

Ellie went on: “You held your hands up when I had proof because you had no choice!”
Screen Shot: Love Island Reunion – ITV

The Instagram Post

If anyone thought that Ellie couldn’t get more enraged, the conversation then turned to the fact that Charlie uploaded this to his Instagram story just three hours after Ellie found out about him lying.

Ellie said: “You did not text me and tell me you were going to put it up.”

My mum and dad should not have found out from your Instagram that you had cheated on me and that we had broken up.

Instagram - Charlie Brake
Instagram – Charlie Brake

Ellie continued: “Charlie, we should have respect for each other. I was devastated and I loved you to bits.”
Screen Shot: Love Island Reunion – ITV

Ellie was reduced to tears during their chat and added: “I don’t feel like that chat resolved anything, I feel worse.”


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