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Chloe Burrows age

Did Chloe Burrows have surgery? Boob job and lip filler rumors circulate

Chloe Burrows, who is heading into this year’s Love Island villa to find her match, has been subject to surgery rumours from ITV2 viewers.

She is one of several singletons getting ready to gather round the firepit, shout “I’ve got a text!” and mutter that “it is what it is” every few minutes.

As a result of the line-up being announced, many of them have had rumours about them surface, whether that’s a former job or surgery.

Looking at her before and after pictures, we explored her Instagram to see the difference in her appearance, and whether she has had surgery.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Does Chloe Burrows have surgery?

  • Yes, Chloe does have surgery

Chloe has had her breasts done, which took her from a 32A to 32D.

She underwent the breast augmentation procedure last year, and reportedly had always wanted to get her boobs done.

Her former boobs were the only body part she felt uncomfortable with.

There are also questions about whether the Love Island contestant has had lip filler done, but it doesn’t appear as though she does.

Chloe opens up about plastic surgery

Chloe has always been open about her breast surgery, and has let fans know about going under the knife before going into the villa.

She said:

I always wanted to do my boobs. Genuinely I just didn’t have boobs. Even the smallest bra, at one point I was 20 years old in college and needed a strapless bra, so I bought a 14 year old bra from New Look.

Since 2020, the Love Island star has been showing off her body and new chest area in her Instagram pictures.

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Chloe Burrows: Before and after

Chloe used to cover up her chest area more often, until April 2020.

She then appeared to be more confident, showing off her new breasts in more recent pictures over the past year.

Some of her friends congratulated her surgery, referring to her breasts as “the girls” in the comments.

During a trip to Ibiza in 2019, Chloe’s chest area was significantly smaller, and she didn’t tend to have them on show in many Insta pictures.

Since her surgery, she has appeared to have a newly-found confidence. It’s possible she may have got them done as part of her wishes to enter the villa.

Chloe’s lips did begin to appear slightly fuller in January 2021, compared to older pictures such as a December 2019 shot.

However, there hasn’t been a significant change in her lips, and any reference to any filler has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

Chloe recently captioned a photo of herself in a sports bra, which read: “Hey hey, how are my best girlfriends.”

If you’ve seen Mean Girls, you’ll get the quote, but it is possible that she was referring to her breasts.



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