Love Island fans speculate Chloe Burrows may be behind 'bully' claim from YouTuber

Love Island Twitter has reacted to a YouTuber’s post, which claims that one of the “blonde contestants” bullied her at school.

The Tweet has gone viral, amid several new recouplings, bombshells trying to find their match in the villa, and Casa Amor just around the corner.

YouTuber and content creator Roxxsaurus posted a claim on social media, which states that one of the girls on Love Island was in her year at school.

She added that they “literally bullied” her. Avid viewers have placed their guesses on which 2021 Islander Roxxsaurus may be referring to.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

What did Roxxsaurus claim?

Roxxsaurus, a YouTuber with at least 4 million subscribers, took to Twitter on July 18 to make a claim about a Love Island contestant.

She wrote: “Wow I don’t even watch Love Island but I’ve just realised one of the girls was in my year at school and literally bullied me.”

Although Roxxsaurus, whose real name is Roksana Janiszewska, has not publicly named who they could be, she gave a few clues.

When asked to “spill” their name, she stayed pretty schtum about the specific person, but whittled it down to a few contestants.

She said: “I best not but I can say she’s one of the blondes 😉 I think there’s like 10 so good luck haahah.”

This would whittle the alleged claim down to Chloe Burrows, Faye Winter, Liberty Poole, Lucinda Stafford, Andrea-Jane Bunker or Millie Court.

However, this claim has not been confirmed.

Love Island: Fans speculate who could be the ‘bully’

Roxxsaurus’ Tweet, which has received 7.6K likes so far and 382 retweets, was addressed by several of her fans, and Love Island viewers.

It didn’t take long for many to try and guess who she was referring to, and do some research to find out whose age matches up with hers.

One fan wrote: “Chloe! They’re both from Bicester and are the same age.”

Another said: “They’re both 25, Chloe is September and Roxi is March so are in the same school year! But yeah I agree Roxi looks younger.”

“It’s Chloe. We all went to school together and she legit bullied everyone in her year as well as the year below. She was nasty!”, said another.

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Which school did Chloe Burrows go to?

  • It is thought that Chloe went to Cooper School, Bicester

Although this is not confirmed, Reality Titbit found that a source who claims she attended the same school as Chloe, went to Cooper School.

Pupils studying at the school are aged between 11 and 19 years old.

YouTuber Roxxsaurus also lives in Bicester, and regularly visits the nearby Bicester Village, situated near to where Chloe lives.



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