Love Island: What has Chloe done to her hip? Bruises spotted by viewers!
Screenshot: Millie, Faye and Chloe, Love Island, Series 7 Episode 45, ITV

Love Island: What has Chloe done to her hip? Bruises spotted by viewers!

During the ‘graduation ceremony’ on Love Island, viewers noticed that Chloe Burrows had a bruised hip, and are now worried about her.

Her bruise was spotted the morning after four female Islanders decided to ‘graduate’ during the night, which included Chloe, Faye, Liberty and Millie.

When she went up to jokingly receive her graduation hat, and say it was the easiest exam she’s ever done, her right hip was on show, revealing a mark.

The question is, what has Chloe actually done to her hip? Reality Titbit looked at fan reactions and looked into what may have happened.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Viewers react to Chloe’s hip

Looking through Twitter, most viewers are questioning what happened to Chloe’s hip, while some have already assumed how she got the mark.

Some are genuinely concerned with the marks seen on the Islander, but others have seen it as a minor result of her and Toby in bed.

One said: “Anyone else overly concerned about the amount of bruises Chloe has been getting recently, and now that really sore bit on her hip?? Like, is she okay?!”

Another wrote: “Why is nobody talking about Chloe’s hip and elbow?!”

Some think it could be a burn, suggesting that it is possibly a result of burning herself from using heated hair styling products.

Others have also noticed that she had some on her arm the other day.

“Did chloe hurt her hip at graduation??”, said another fan.

Love Island: What happened to Chloe’s hip?

  • Although unconfirmed, rumor has it that they are ‘graduation scars’

If you have been watching the female Islanders talk about ‘graduation’, then you’ll already know what it means.

Chloe never addressed the bruise on her hip, but she had one side of her shorts lifted so that viewers could see the marks on her skin.

As they were shown the night after ‘graduating’, it is possible that the hip bruise was a result of what happened with Toby.

Some viewers are describing the mark as a possible friction burn.

Who ‘graduated’ on Love Island 2021?

  • Chloe, Faye, Millie and Liberty

The metaphor of ‘graduating’ – which is called that to hide what it really means – was made up by the 2021 Love Island girls.

They made a group decision to graduate on the same night, and all went to bed in silk dressing gowns, as shown on the August 11 episode.

However, Liberty revealed that she was “first in the class” as she had technically graduated a while before them, with boyfriend Jake.

Faye also noted that she had gone from ‘NVQ 1’ to ‘graduating’ in one night.



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