Chris and Paige were just two people who came together in the name of ‘love’ – however, they got married on the very first day they met.

In the experimental marriage show that is Married At First Sight USA relationship experts matched Chris and Paige. A wedding day? All sorted.

We saw their raw reactions when they first laid eyes on each other, and luckily for us, it was filmed and aired on the Lifetime channel.

So where are Chris and Paige now? Did they live happily ever after?

Screenshot: Chris, Married At First Sight, Season 12 Episode 1, Lifetime

Who are Chris and Paige?

Paige Banks wants to be the first in her family to have a happy marriage.

At 22, she bought her own house, and is now looking to settle down at 25 years old, having had a stable career as an accountant and realtor.

Chris Williams, a 27-year-old finance manager raised by pastors, has always dreamed of getting married from a young age.

He hopes to become a co-CEO alongside his wife, and wants many children.

So far, their main thing in common is that they are both religious.

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Chris and Paige on Married At First Sight

Chris sparked shock amongst viewers when he announced that he wanted his wife to be “submissive” and a “freak”.

He also added that if his wife was “ugly”, he wouldn’t know what to do.

Paige, on the other hand, seems nervous ahead of the wedding, and said that she wanted a “God-fearing husband”.

At the time of writing, Chris and Paige’s wedding has not been fully aired, however the majority of fans don’t seem to have high hopes for the couple.

Are Chris and Paige still together?

  • At the time of writing, it is not known if they are still together

As the season gets underway, it is likely that the couple have been told to keep any hidden secrets about their relationship status under wraps.

It was recently revealed that Chris had allegedly proposed to his ex-fiancée Mercedes Meyrick in February 2020.

He was reportedly still engaged to her until the end of June, before filming the show in August.

He had also reportedly got her pregnant when he signed up for the show, according to a MAFS fan account’s Instagram story.



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