Who are Chris from Married At First Sight's family? Paige meets his parents!

Chris and Paige have just got married – but now it’s time for the couple to meet each other’s family. So let’s meet Chris’ parents and siblings!

Married At First Sight matches two singletons, who become married during a civil ceremony, putting them to the ultimate romantic test.

In episode 6, all the couples introduce each other to their new in-laws, before heading off on their honeymoon.

So who are Chris from Married At First Sight’s family? Read on to find out…

Screenshot: Chris’ father, Married at First Sight: The Next Two Couples Are Married (Season 12, Episode 3) | Lifetime YouTube

Who is Chris?

Chris Williams is a 27-year-old finance manager raised by pastors.

He has always dreamed of getting married from a young age.

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The Married At First Sight star hopes to become a co-CEO alongside his wife, and wants many children.

Chris now owns a Subway franchise, and earns six figures in his job, after he previously slept in a Walmart car park as he could not rent a room.

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Chris and Paige on Married At First Sight

After they got married, a message from a family member revealed that Chris wants a baby during their honeymoon.

He gave Paige an infinity pendant necklace, before he later admitted to her that he was recently engaged to another woman.

It also came out that he previously got a tattoo of his ex’s name, which he has since had covered up.

Paige then admits in a confessional that she’s not sure if they are connected, and Chris tells her bridesmaids that she is not the woman he wanted.

He then reveals in a confessional that he is not 100 percent attracted to her, but added that she is beautiful in her own way.

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Who are Chris’ family members?

Chris Williams II, grew up in Inglewood in South Side Chicago, and was raised by a pastor who instilled Christian values, and a family of preachers.

They shared a message to Paige on their wedding day, and said that his top priorities in life are God and family.

It looks like Chris has a large family, and seen at his wedding appeared to be his mother and father – who said that Paige is “gorgeous”.

He told The Atlanta Voice:

I grew up with an amazing family. We weren’t the poorest family, but we also weren’t the richest at all. We grew up in Inglewood, which was probably one of the roughest—if not the roughest area—on the South Side. We were surrounded by gang violence, drugs, poverty.

Dwight appeared as Chris’ pastor at the wedding, so it looks like he may have been one of the men who raised him.

Fans have gathered their own thoughts on his family, after his father told Paige that she should service him, and kept mentioning babies.



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