Does Christina from Too Hot to Handle have surgery? Season 2 star's earlier pictures explored

Christina is the newbie rocking the villa in Too Hot To Handle, when she enters for season 2 episode four. So, does she have any surgery?

She makes her grand entrance alongside Robert Van Tromp, but is unaware of the rules – that contestants cannot kiss, do any heavy petting, or more.

A few other current and previous players have surgery – such as Larissa and season 1’s Francesca Farago – so fans may be making their guesses.

Christina has been described as a “bombshell” coming into the villa, so what better way to get to know her than to look at her new and old pictures.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Twitter reacts to Christina’s entrance

After Christina entered the THTH villa, many viewers on Twitter instantly noticed that she kept biting her lips.

There was even reference to a new drinking game about the lip action…

“Take a shot every time Christina bites her lip #TooHotToHandle“, a viewer wrote on the social media platform.

Some were impressed her beauty, with one fan saying they would be losing money after going on a date with her.

One wrote: “Christina is stunning though #TooHotToHandle.”

And several others noticed her tattoo which says ‘Ohana’, and questioned why she has the word inked on her skin.

A THTH fan said: “Okay I got a lot to vent about #TooHotToHandle already. 1) why does Christina have a tattoo that says ‘Ohana.”

Does Christina have surgery?

  • So far, there has been acknowledgement that Christina has surgery

The pilot, who has been flying planes for 12 years, formerly done some modelling work, so she has clearly always taken pride in her appearance.

While she doesn’t appear to have surgery, it is possible that she may have had lip fillers, as they look fuller than they used to.

If she did have surgery, she wouldn’t be the first, as season one player Francesca Farago has lip fillers, chin filler, and Botox done.

Christina Carmela: Pictures explored

Christina’s latest pictures show her with fuller lips than she previously had.

Although she has not confirmed having lip fillers, photos of the THTH star in early 2018 show her with a much smaller pout (below).

And in terms of her ‘Ohana’ tattoo, this means family, and is a well-known quote from the Lilo and Stitch cartoon.

As viewers noticed, the Netflix star often bites her lips, which has drawn lots of fan attention to her pout.

Looking further back at her pictures, Christina’s lips appear to look fuller and bigger later in 2018.

And so it’s possible that she may have had them done around that time. Since then, her lips started to look slightly bigger around December 2020.

Christina may have got her lips topped up after filming Too Hot to Handle.



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