Where are Cindy and Karla from Married or Mortgage now? Instagram couple updates in 2021!

Where are Cindy and Karla from Married or Mortgage now? Instagram couple updates in 2021!

Cindy and Karla’s lives are followed as they make the huge decision of whether to marry or get a mortgage. Here’s what they’re doing now…

Their decision is shown on the latest Netflix series, which gives engaged couples an ultimatum of how they will spend a large amount of cash.

Whichever they choose is shown on episode ‘A Second Chance’, as they hope to hold a community celebration or find a home with a sun porch.

So, what happened next for Cindy and Karla? Did they get married or settle in a home of their own? Let’s find out the latest…

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Who are Cindy and Karla?

Karla Hudgens is a medical imaging technician, while Cindy Andrews-Looper works as a pastor at an LGBTQ+ church.

They both want “a Big Fat Gay Wedding”, but Karla is leaning more towards a home, while Cindy has hopes for a dream wedding.

The couple, who are both in their 50s, said they live in the same place that Karla lived with her ex.

They first met when Cindy officiated Karla’s wedding with her ex-wife.

Karla said she was cheated on by her ex-wife, and that her bond with Cindy began when she reached out to check how she was doing.

Cindy and Karla had been engaged for two months before filming.

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Cindy and Karla on Marriage or Mortgage

They had a budget of $30,000 for either a down payment of a house or to foot the bill of a wedding.

Cindy and Karla had a few requirements about a possible home, which included three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big kitchen and a sunporch.

They also wanted to find a home which they didn’t have to do any renovating to, joking that neither of them had “that gene”.

After looking at venues and homes, the couple decided they wanted to settle for a wedding, which worked out well for them.

Sarah hired their favorite band, wedding venue, valet service, floral decor, and an overnight stay at the venue for $30,350.

Where are Cindy and Karla now?

They had to reschedule the date of their wedding numerous times, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, they finally managed to tie the knot on October 17, 2020!

They now live in the same house in Gallatin, Tennessee, with their two dogs Bentley and Chloe, following their special day.

Cynthia said their wedding day was “one of the best days of her life”, proudly showing off the ceremony on her profile picture on Facebook.



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