Married to Medicine’s Contessa is on Bravo viewer’s minds, who are questioning if she filed for a divorce from Dr. Scott Metcalfe.

Contessa Metcalfe has shared both her professional and personal life on the show since season five – and fans have been following her journey.

Those same fans are questioning what her relationship status is, after a clip showed Bravo host Andy Cohen questioning if she has thought of divorce.

Contessa and Scott’s romance has been heavily followed in the public eye, especially during their time on Married to Medicine.

Screenshot: Contessa Metcalfe Breaks Down Over Her Marriage in Cabo | Married to Medicine Highlights (S7 E12), Bravo YouTube

Fans question if Contessa got divorced

Contessa and Scott have been having relationship issues, which have recently been airing on Married to Medicine.

Since then, viewers have questioned if Contessa filed for divorce. This speculation was heightened when a reunion clip was released.

Andy Cohen questions Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott’s marriage, and asked Contessa: “Have you talked about divorce?”.

Toya also asks her: “Are you being faithful in your marriage?”

One viewer took to Twitter, and said: “Do I think Scott is cheating? No. Do I think he abuses Contessa? No.

“I think Contessa doesn’t want to be married anymore and she cries like that because she doesn’t know how to tell him because she still loves him.”

Did Contessa and Scott get divorced?

  • At the time of writing, there has been no confirmation of a divorce

Contessa and Scott may have had difficulty in their relationship, especially when rumors of whether Dr. Scott was faithful began spreading.

The couple, who have three children together Lauren, Laila and Landon, have had a “bump in the road”, according to Contessa’s husband.

However, after being questioned about a possible divorce by Andy Cohen, she responds to him with:

I have three kids. I have three kids. The stakes are so high.

Contessa’s co-stars are seen comforting her while she has tears in her eyes.

Throughout season 8, the married couple have been trying to work on their relationship, after they faced issues when Dr. Contessa was away at school.

Contessa and Scott: Relationship timeline

The Married to Medicine couple have been married for 16 years.

On May 27, Contessa and Scott celebrated their wedding anniversary, where she said she would “take a bullet for him with no hesitation”.

During their marriage, they have raised three children, expanded on their businesses together, and faced their own struggles along the way.

Their relationship has had its strains, such as when Contessa went away to work on getting her degree in public health.

When she spent more time away from home studying and working, Scott struggled to wholeheartedly support her decision.



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