What is coq au vin? Love Island's newbie Rachel leaves fans confused!

Love Island newbie Rachel left ITV2 viewers confused, when she couldn’t believe that Brad did not know what ‘coq au vin’ is.

After her shocking entrance as the new bombshell, Rachel Finni sat down to get to know Brad McClelland – when he revealed his lack of dish knowledge.

She was shocked when he didn’t know what the dish ‘coq au vin’ is, going on to tell him that everyone else in the villa would know about it.

However, several fans related to Brad, and didn’t know what it was themselves. So Reality Titbit has the lowdown on the French dish.

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Can Brad wow Rachel with his coq au vin? | Love Island 2021

Can Brad wow Rachel with his coq au vin? | Love Island 2021

Rachel and Brad: ‘Coq au vin’

After telling Rachel that she is more his type, she went on to explain that she questioned why nobody has chosen him to couple up with yet.

Wondering what the reason behind the “gorgeous hunk of human” being single was, she asked if Brad is a good cook.

Going on to say she is a really good cook, Rachel added that he will “score points” if he’s good at cooking too.

She then asked him if he can cook a ‘coq au vin’, before he admits that he has never heard of that… Rachel replied with “wow” repeatedly.

Brad asks her what ‘coq au vin’ is, to which she responds: “Duck with wine.” However, Twitter blew up with responses to her definition of the dish.

Love Island: Fans react to ‘coq au vin’

A brief scroll on Twitter has revealed that Rachel may have got her idea of what coq au vin mixed up – and it was not missed by viewers.

The scene left many Twitter users confused, which led to several fans heading to the Internet to find out what the French dish actually is.

One fan shared their opinion, and wrote on Twitter: “Seems like both Rachel and Brad need to google what Coq au Vin is.”

Another said: “French speakers wondering why she said “coq au vin” means duck with wine #LoveIsland.”

“We get it Rachel you are 29 and have been Café Rouge before relax with the coq au vin #LoveIsland“, wrote another viewer.

What is ‘coq au vin’?

  • Coq au vin is a French dish involving chicken braised with wine

Rachel appeared to be certain that ‘coq au vin’ is duck with wine, but many viewers – including the actual definition – disagrees.

However, the Love Island contestant isn’t completely off track, as there is a version of the dish that exists called ‘duck au vin’.

The coq au vin dish usually comes with  lardons, mushrooms, and an optional seasoning of garlic.



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