Who are Courtney and Chris on Catfish? Updates on role-play 'couple'!

MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show uncovers online relationships. Courtney and Chris’ connection was the topic of focus recently – what happened?

With the help of Kamie Crawford and Nev Schulman, those who believe they might have been catfished set out on a journey to uncover the truth.

During the latest episode (May 11, 2021), Courtney turned to the investigators to reveal she had fallen in love with a man, Chris, via a game.

So, where are Courtney and Chris now? Who are they and what are they up to post-filming? We’ve got the latest updates on the MTV stars.

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Who are Courtney and Chris?

Courtney is a home health aid, meaning she takes care of disabled people.

She met Chris as a character through a role play game on Facebook, and it wasn’t long before they ended up in a relationship.

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He sent her a cosplay picture of himself, which is the only photo she has seen with his face in it, and another image of him in a mask.

With only one real photo, one real phone call between them, and $1,000 as a gift, Courtney hoped that Chris would be a legitimate person.

They have been together for three years. Chris currently lives in Izmit, Turkey, with his mom, and regularly makes art.

He mentioned that he could not get a job due to hormone imbalance.

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Courtney and Chris on Catfish: The TV Show

They bonded over the same music taste and anime that they both enjoy. In fact, Courtney said she had been introduced to these genres by Chris.

Courtney and Chris now regularly speak over Whatsapp, but they have only ever had one phone call between them, as he claims he is too busy.

She also had to send money to his friend so that he could receive it, but the friend’s CashApp profile has since been deleted.

Courtney revealed that she and Chris were engaged in 2018, and that he he asked her to marry him through an anime drawing. 

Despite concern, Chris, 22, actually turned out to be real and was confirmed to be in Turkey. Although, he did have other social media accounts.

However, some fans are still not convinced. One wrote: “It was 100 percent a scammer. The scammer is definitely the female that she’s sent money to.”

Where are Courtney and Chris now?

  • An update stated that Chris told Courtney not to come see him

The pair ended up speaking to each other on Zoom, where they opened up about their connection virtually.

Most fans were over the moon that Chris was real, and felt happy that their connection was actually genuine, whether in a relationship or as friends.

When the date that Courtney had planned to visit him approached, Chris appeared to not want her to come, meaning they could not meet.

It looks like a romance didn’t work out between them, but this has not yet been officially confirmed by MTV.



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