Dani Dyer is a global superstar. Or at least that’s what we’re lead to believe in today’s society of Instagram fame and social media influencer status.

The 23-year-old has over 4 million combined social media followers, making her one of the most empowering and authoritative female figures in the world according to any 15-year-old girl.

Love Island’s very own 2018 queen has twice the following of her dad, Danny Dyer, an established actor in UK soaps and even the Hollywood scene.

She also has double the Instagram following of Grammy Award-winning Lily Allen, Olympian Tom Daley, Brit icon Robbie Williams and a host of other celebrities who actually deserve recognition based on their dedicated careers and breath-taking skillsets.

Yet despite all this, it’s Dani Dyer who is the face of a toe-curlingly awkward Perf With Serf advert that has you instantly slapping yourself in disbelief.

This, ladies and gentleman, is proof that reality TV fame and the social media stardom that comes with it acquaints to almost nothing in the long run.

Cash in – Sell Out

Reality TV stars are constantly accused of cashing in on their fame, often ridiculed on social media and scrutinised in the press for their severe degrees of shameless play-acting.

Most Love Island couples prolong their ‘showmance’ relationship for as long as they can after leaving the villa, absorbing the money and fame that comes in club appearances and promotional social media posts.

But can you really blame them?

With Love Island 2019 only recently coming to a wrap it’s Molly and Tommy, Maura and Curtis, Greg and Amber and even Ovie Soko who are the talk of the town.

The thought of Dani Dyer stealing the heart’s nation is nothing more than a distant, ancient, black and white memory. And with the imminent arrival of a winter Love Island and a double dose of the ITV show each year, it won’t be long before the season 5 guys ‘n’ girls are nothing more than irrelevant history.

The moment a reality TV celebrity is no-longer current, relevant and in-trend then they are nothing more than the talentless nobody that they were in the first place. It’s a harsh reality.

Dani Dyer’s Dismal Dip

Dani Dyer was expected to kick-start a new wave of reality TV celebrities. Not only was she the daughter of a well-known UK actor but she had basic acting experience herself, already on the Hollywood scene with a solid media contact book.

Thirteen months from her graduation from the Love Island villa and Dani is the face of washing powder Surf. She may have more Instagram followers than Lily Allen and Robbie Williams but would you catch either of them stooping as low?

On one hand, Lily provides the soul-tingling vocals to one of the most memorable Christmas adverts in history, racking up nearly 40 million views with a soft and tender rendition of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know for a John Lewis advert.

On the other hand, Lily’s acting adventure on the Perf With Surf advert is devastatingly cringeworthy.

Dani exaggerates an annoyingly squeaky Essex accent while somehow sounding like she has all the brain cells of a hammer.

Those on Twitter have been equally as cutthroat:

@DisgruntledFerret: Loading the dishwasher, I heard the voice of Dani Dyer say “Perf with Surf” coming from the living room. So I’ve taken all 3 televisions in the house, loaded them onto a trebuchet and fired the f**king lot out to sea.

The Modern Reality TV Star

Dani Dyer and her career projection from Love Island to now is the perfect stereotype for all reality TV stars.

Only a very minute few – such as Rylan Clark-Neal – possess the skills needed to move forward with their careers whether it is in acting, TV presenting or music.

The rest must cling on to their fame for as long as possible as they have no real skills that merit the stardom of fame and riches.

In the end, they all end up like Dani Dyer… washed up, on a Perf With Surf advert.

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