What tattoos does Danny Bibby have? Before and after pics explored!

When Danny Bibby took Kaz on a date ahead of his Love Island entrance, viewers instantly noticed the bombshell’s tattoos.

From plastic surgery to inked skin, contestants on the ITV2 dating show are usually the topic of speculation across social media.

As they gather round the firepit, shout “I’ve got a text” and couple up with a fellow Islander, Love Island Twitter discusses their looks and personalities.

Amongst that gossip recently is Danny Bibby, who is the latest to enter the Majorca villa. We explored his tattoos, and what he looked like before.

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Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Ready for a summer of love? | Love Island Series 7

Love Island: Viewers react to Danny’s tattoos

The talk of Twitter was Danny’s tats, even though he was only showing his neck tattoos during his entrance – as he had a long-sleeved shirt on.

Viewers headed straight for his Instagram to find out the other ink that the newbie has all over his body.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Just realised that the new guy, Danny has what looks like motivational quotes tattooed in Hindi on his hands amongst the gazillion tattoos he has.”

Another said: “Why does Danny look like he has the plans to escape the villa tattooed on him? #LoveIsland#prisonbreak.

“I like his tattoos!! I have high hopes for Danny. #LoveIsland“, said another.

What tattoos does Danny have?

Danny has tattoos all over his body, from his neck to arms to chest and stomach, as well as on his back and legs.

Some pieces of ink he has includes:

  • 666 and 8
  • England flag
  • Map of UK
  • Number 28 on his hand
  • Boxing legend Muhammad Ali
  • Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders
  • American Pie character Steve Stifler
  • Batir las probabilidades (beating the odds) on neck
  • Cren en destino (believe in destiny)
  • ‘Fate’ and ‘Heaven’
  • Compass
  • Roses
  • ‘Love’ at top of chest
  • Five slashes for each of his boy mates (with a key)
  • His mom and dad
  • 1996

The ITV2 star has what looks like almost 100 tattoos, which he has taken some time for him to build up.

Danny also has a matching tattoo to Liam Reardon, of Muhammad Ali.

One viewer on Twitter has made claims that the number ’28’ is an international white supremacist tattoo.

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Danny Bibby’s tattoos: Before and after

In 2014, Danny had no visible tattoos on his body. However, it is clear why Muhammed Ali is one of his pieces, as he has been boxing since then.

Then in March 2015, the Islander said he is “finished” with the hashtag ‘#nomorepain’, when he showed off his arm sleeve.

Towards the end of that year, his forearm on his left arm was covered in ink. He then got the left top side of his back tattooed in 2016.

Each year, Danny has added to his collection of tattoos, and had his entire chest inked by June 2017.

In 2018, his legs were filled with tats, and a year later, he touched up his chest work. By September 2020, his entire back was covered.

During the same year, he got words inked onto his neck. Then ahead of his entrance into the villa, more of his neck was tattooed.



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