Does Darian Derrico have a boyfriend? Insights as TLC star goes on date!

Darian Derrico has just turned 15 years old, and has one present on her list – to be able to date someone. We explored if she has a boyfriend.

A recent episode of TLC’s Doubling Down with the Derricos highlighted how Darian hoped to speak to her father about starting to go on dates.

She is the oldest of the family-of-14, and regularly spends her time helping parents Dean and Karen look after her siblings at home.

During the July 27th episode, cameras follow Darian when she goes on a date. Reality Titbit zoomed in to find out if she has a boyfriend now.

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Darian reveals she wants to go on dates

Although her parents Dean and Karen admit it is hard to see their little girl grow up, they understand she needs to see what dating is like.

Dean pulled Darian to the side and had a chat with her.

He said that although it is hard for him to let her go, he said 99 per cent of the boys “have one agenda at this age”.

Deon told Darian:

My primary focus, and your mummy’s is to make sure that you are well-informed, taking the right type of person who is going to appreciate the woman you are.

He went on to reveal that both him and Karen have come to the conclusion that their daughter can go on dates.

Darian said that when she gets a boyfriend, she will be “so happy” and a “whole new woman”.

It came under one circumstance, though – that Karen and Deon will always be present during their dates, such as tables apart.

Fans react to Darian wanting to date

After Darian revealed she wanted a boyfriend, it looked like several fans praised her parents for letting her go on dates.

Many also thought she just wanted some time away from looking after her siblings, while others believe she really does want a new beau.

One fan said: “I’m so happy he isn’t being hard on her about wanting to date, she’s a young lady and growing into a woman.

“Dating comes along with that, I’m happy they are allowing her to date and experience this at her age.”

Another wrote: “Darian want to spend time with someone other than a younger sibling.”

“Darian said she wants to be boo’ed up! She’s a sweet girl. I love that she’s honest”, posted another avid viewer.

Does Darian Derrico have a boyfriend?

  • Darian has not got a boyfriend, at the time of writing

The Doubling Down with the Derricos daughter has not posted any pictures with a potential new boyfriend on Instagram.

It looks like she still may be searching for her match, but we do know that she has definitely be going on dates, as seen on the July 27th ep!

We also know she has headed to camp for the first time – at Interlochen Camp of the Arts in Michigan – which she shared on Koffee with Karen.

She could possibly meet a potential boyfriend at camp! If anything serious happened, it is likely that he would be introduced on the TLC series.



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