There is no dearth of drama on Season 2 of Put a Ring on It, and the latest episode only elevated it as we got to see the drama involving Darion Crawford, his on-again and off-again girlfriend, Alexis Adams, and the new woman in the rapper’s life, Kai. 

After watching everything that unfolded between the trio, the viewers’ interest surrounding Darion’s personal life has piqued. Many are now wondering if he ever had a wife. 

Did Darion have a wife?

Darion has always maintained a lot of privacy surrounding his personal life. 

However, it is known that he was romantically involved with other women in the past, and according to Hive News, he even has three children; Daria, Lura, and Dylan. 

As far as his marriage is concerned, the rapper has never spoken about being married or having a wife. Perhaps, Alexis could be the one if everything works out between them. 

But, looking at the tension created from what Kai had to share, it appears as though the couple needs to work a lot on their relationship.

A look at his career

Besides rapping, Darion also has a career in finance. He reportedly works as a manager for B.L.Y.K.E Lyfe in the United States. However, his rise to popularity came as a musician through his band, Field Mob. 

Darion formed the band with Shawn Timothy Johnson and the two rappers were known by their stage names – Shawn Jay and Smoke. 

They were active from 2000 to 2010 and during the course of their music career, they released several albums including 613: Ashy to Classy, From the Roota to the Toota and Light Poles and Pine Trees among others. 

The duo has also made guest appearances on songs by other artists such as Jermaine Dupri’s Instructions and Ludacris’ Release Therapy

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Fans react to the latest episode

The latest episode of Put a Ring on It has gathered a lot of reaction from fans, owing to all the drama they saw between Kai and Darion. Things have taken a turn for the worse between him and Alexis after Kai told her that she slept with Darion. 

One fan tweeted: “Kai and Darion are the toxic pair made for each other.”

Another wrote: “Darion wanted 2 have his cake & eat it 2. That’s why he lied 2 both women. He would’ve #PutARingOnIt for Alexia & had Kai on the side if she didn’t open her mouth on camera. He would’ve stayed engaged 2 Alexia forever, gotten her pregnant & then run around w/Kai & other women.”

“Darion did just what a guy who wouldn’t marry his woman in 14 years would’ve done. Both women played themselves differently. Kai reeeeally exposed herself as a glammed up garden tool. I’m so happy 4Alexia. Healing looks good on her,” tweeted another.

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