Love Island is back in 2022 and so are the many viewers who love tweeting along with the show on Twitter. From Ekin Su’s kiss with Jay to Luca’s tattoos, Gemma’s dad and Davide’s eye, there’s nothing that can hold Love Island viewers back from tweeting their thoughts and memes on the ITV2 show.

Davide may have doubled up on his specs for High Definition viewing of Ekin Su’s dates but it seems that his glasses could be serving more than one purpose while he’s in the Love Island villa as eagle-eyed fans think they’ve spotted that Davide has an eye infection…

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Ekin-Su’s date with Jay rattles Davide | Love Island 2022

Love Island: Davide’s eye explored

Since Davide Sanclimenti entered the Love Island season 8 villa as a bombshell, he’s been gaining fans on social media like there’s no tomorrow, he’s been painting his physique in the gym and he’s also coupled up with 27-year-old actress Ekin Su.

As Davide has settled into life in the Mallorcan villa, it appears that his eye is irritated and Love Island fans have been giving their guesses as to what’s happened.

During episode 11, Davide’s irritated eye was more noticeable.

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One fan thinks Davide’s eye infection is caused by stress

Davide’s eye hasn’t gone unnoticed during Love Island‘s recent episodes. One person joked that the Italian Stallion developed an eye infection due to stress caused by his partner on the show, Ekin Su.

More suggested that Davide’s eye could be hayfever related.

One thing seems clear from Davide’s fans’ tweets – they don’t think the sunglasses are helping detract away from his eye.

Some viewers ask if Davide has a ‘black eye’

Judging by Love Island viewers’ tweets, Davide is getting some sympathy from his fans for his unfortunate eye situation. One wrote: “Aww Davide’s in his flop era. Rejected by a girl, eye infection, comfort eating“.

One viewer took to Twitter to ask if Davide had a black eye as the Islander was wearing sunglasses when it was “dark out“.

Another tweeted that Davide was wearing sunglasses as his eye looked “swollen“.

Twitter users have thrown their guesses in as to what they think could be wrong with Davide’s eye, but interestingly, Love Island season 7 winner Millie Court also had an eye issue when she was on the show.

Speaking on her YouTube channel in 2022, Millie said that her eyes were really red and itchy during her time in the villa and she eventually found out that she had conjunctivitis.

Millie said she was taking hayfever tablets but her eyes were “killing” and viewers also thought that she’d been crying due to her red eyes but it turned out that it was conjunctivitis and with antibiotics, her eyes healed.

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