Who is Dejuan from Catfish? Meet the MTV star on Instagram!

Dejuan has been the main focus of MTV’s latest Catfish The TV Show series, as Nev and Kamie try to help him uncover online woman Tynea.

The dating series is known for its shock moments, usually when someone is completely different to the social media presence they hold online.

Dejuan and Tynea’s exclusive online relationship has been at the core of Nev and Kamie’s latest investigation.

So who is Dejuan? We found the MTV Catfish star on Instagram…

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Who is DeJuan?

DeJuan McKinnon features on season 8 of MTV’s Catfish.

During the show, he is seen trying to figure out more about the woman he met online, who calls herself Tynea.

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The 26-year-old undergraduate is a political science student from Greensboro, North Carolina, who has two part-time jobs outside of school.

DeJuan’s dad passed in 2014, five years before his brother died in 2019.

Looking at his Instagram, it appears as though he is ready to set up a Youtube channel – which he has placed as a story highlight.

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What happened between DeJuan and Tynea?

DeJuan first met Tynea, who lives in Atlanta, on Tinder, 2 years ago.

He initially tells Nev and Kamie that he can see them being together for the rest of their lives.

They spoke on the phone regularly, but things started to get weird when she ignored his call, blocked him from her Insta, then revealed she is a mum.

DeJuan travelled 4 hours to Georgia to meet her, but she never showed up.

It later turned out that Tynea is pregnant with another man, and DeJuan decided to end their relationship. Oh, and Tynea is a twin.

Are DeJuan and Tynea on Instagram?

  • Yes

DeJuan’s Instagram can be found at @dmmickinn__.

The real girl behind the Catfish photos is believed to be @monettynea from North Carolina, however this has not been confirmed.

The actual account used on the show is no longer able to be found.

The pictures used to catfish DeJuan belong to this Instagram account…



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