Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin ‘Cinco’ Holland Jr’s relationship had everyone on the edge of their seats. With the couple out of the house now, all the Love Island USA fans are curious to know if the pair got back together!

Throughout the season, fans seemed convinced that Cashay, aka Cash, and Cinco, were made for each other. However, the situation inside the villa did not permit the two to have a happy ending. With the pair out of the house now, some fans are hopeful that things can get serious between the two.

Are Cashay and Cinco back together?

As per their Instagram, the two are not back together. However, they are still very good friends. A recent post by Cash looked back at her journey before the show as she celebrated having 100k followers on Instagram.

To this, Cinco replied with three clapping emojis, hinting that he was proud of her progress. While fans have been rooting for them since the beginning, Cinco did hint that there was a possibility for their romance to grow.

After the reality star returned home, he engaged with his followers on Instagram. Cinco hinted there that his and Cash’s story had not ended. He said: “We’ll see when she gets out.”

At the same time, he shed light on why he was confused between Cash and Trina Njoroge. He said: “If I knew how she truly felt earlier, things might have been different.”

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

A look at the pair’s relationship on the show

From the beginning, Cash had expressed her interest in Cinco. However, things took a turn when Trina entered the villa. Fans got to witness a love triangle, which divided almost everyone’s opinions.

After spending days thinking about who to choose, Cinco decided to get coupled with Trina. However, Cash continued to have feelings for him. She finally built up the courage to confess to him. Ultimately, this left Cinco confused.

During this period, Cash decided to find love again as she paired up with Charlie Lynch from Casa Amor. Their relationship seemed pretty strong as Cash admitted Charlie was the man of her dreams.

However, the drama in the villa escalated when Cinco soon realized he had feelings for Cash. To prove his loyalty, he dumped Trina. Unfortunately, that was not enough to get Cash back as she decided to prove her love for Charlie instead. Sadly, that backfired as Charlie moved on with another girl.

Finally, Cash was left with no partner and was voted out in the latest episode. Even though Cash and Cinco’s journey came to an end on the show, fans are hoping the two can reunite outside the villa.

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