Did Mariah Brown get married? Love life of Meri Brown’s daughter explored!

Did Mariah Brown get married? Love life of Meri Brown's daughter explored!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown and her daughter Mariah regularly appear on the TLC series. Fans are now wondering if she got married…

Mariah’s family have been the subject of the series since it began airing, as her dad follows a polygamist lifestyle and had two other wives at her birth.

One subject that has been captured on camera is Mariah’s relationship with her partner Audrey, and viewers are wondering if they have married yet.

So, did Mariah Brown get married? What happened next for her relationship? Let’s get the latest updates on the Sister Wives couple…

Screenshot: Mariah and Audrey’s Big Announcement | Sister Wives, TLC YouTube

Who is Mariah Brown?

Mariah is the daughter of Kody and Meri Brown, and is their only child.

She was Kody’s third child, who went on to have fifteen more children and a total of four wives.

Raised in Utah until her teenage years, the 25-year-old graduated in social work at Loyola University in Chicago, in November 2020.

Mariah is now a program manager at Promise South Salt Lake.

Who is Mariah Brown’s partner?

  • Audrey Kriss

Audrey has a major from Westminster in marketing and advertising.

Mariah first came out to her parents four years ago, and began dating two years ago, before deciding to move in with Audrey in the same year.

The couple, who once took Mariah’s mum Kody to a gay bar, have been together ever since, and are currently living in Chicago.

Did Mariah Brown get married?

  • No

Mariah and Audrey got engaged on March 3, 2019.

More than two years on, they are both still engaged, according to Audrey’s Facebook relationship status.

Mariah’s mom Meri also said that they have been looking at wedding venues, so it looks like they are definitely planning the main event.

The couple are happily loved up, and have not shared any wedding photos, however it is possible they have had to keep schtum due to the series.



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