Garrick Merrifield and Roberta are actively trying to have a baby on Seeking Sister Wife. The question is, did she end up getting pregnant?

The TLC series has followed the Merrifields’ quest to find a sister wife, before they decided to build a connection with Roberta, from Brazil.

Over the last few episodes, Garrick and Dannielle have visited Roberta, stayed in a hotel with her, and met her family.

Now, Roberta and Garrick are trying to have a baby. So, did she get pregnant with him? What happened next for the Merrifields?

Screenshot: Garrick Worries About Dannielle’s Jealousy | Seeking Sister Wife, TLC YouTube

Who is Roberta on Seeking Sister Wife?

Roberta is a Christian from Brazil, who mainly speaks Portuguese.

The Merrifields tried to get the 33-year-old a travel visa to visit them in the United States, however the request was denied.

So, in the end they decided to meet her halfway in Cabo, Mexico.

Roberta has planned to become the Merrifields’ sister wife, who have been married for over 12 years, and hopes to get married to Garrick.

Garrick and Roberta are now planning to have a baby together.

Dannielle and Garrick decided to get a divorce, so that Garrick could marry Roberta, who has become part of their relationship.

Did Roberta get pregnant with Garrick?

  • At the time of writing, a pregnancy has not been confirmed

Looking at a photo shared by Garrick in March 2021, which shows Roberta with his two sons, she does not appear to have a pregnancy bump.

As Seeking Sister Wife was filmed some time ago, it is likely that if she was pregnant, Roberta would be showing by now.

There has been no confirmed news from the Merrifields on the baby front, but it is possible that they could be held to contract by TLC.

Dannielle shares her pregnancy thoughts

During their holiday to Mexico, Dannielle’s father asks her if she feels secure, and if she would mind if Roberta gets pregnant.

After a long pause, Dannielle responds with: “Yeah.”

She is then interrupted by Garrick and Roberta walking over to them.

Dannielle said there are other people to consider, and that he would struggle with missing Roberta while pregnant and after she had the baby.

Garrick admitted he would have to travel to Brazil for a while, if that happened. Dannielle then said she would have to trust that everything will work out the way they are supposed to.



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