Aimee Hall is back alongside her Floribama Shore co-stars for the new season. During the first episode, she opened up about boyfriend Dillon.

Viewers have watched Aimee and Dillon’s relationship go from strength to strength on the MTV reality series, but there has been some arguments.

Since the show came back on our screens, those tuning in are questioning what Dillon’s background is and what his relationship with Aimee is like.

Reality Titbit explored his Instagram and job to find out more about Aimee Hall’s other half. We also looked into their couple timeline…

Who is Dillon Johnson?

Dillon is Aimee Hall’s boyfriend, who has appeared on Floribama Shore.

Aimee explained on the show that Dillon was a felon, and said that her boyfriend had experienced issues with drugs in the past.

Their relationship has been aired on the MTV show since they got together in 2019, which has captured all of their ups and downs.

He has become a fan favorite, from questioning if an onion ring is squid, to questioning who Aimee’s teacher was during hilarious talk about fireworks.

Several viewers have noticed that Dillon seems to have a country accent.

Floribama Shore: Dillon’s job and Instagram

Dillon is fairly active on social media, and can be followed at @dillonjohnson_19. He regularly posts snippets of his life and family.

Most of his photos include his nephew, dog or Aimee!

He is clearly close to his family, including his sister, who he is very supportive of. When he’s not seeing them, he’s usually out on the water.

Whether it is going fishing or hanging out on rubber rings with Aimee, Dillon enjoys spending his free days with his loved ones.

Aimee’s boyfriend has never publicly spoken out about his job, but an Instagram post of an RV Park hints he rides vehicles on trails for fun!

Aimee Hall and Dillon Johnson: Timeline

Aimee and Dillon have been dating since May 2019, when they went public about their relationship via a kissing photo on Instagram.

After a break-up following a reported cheating scandal in the same year, they got back together in December 2019.

However, they faced several issues during their relationship, including when she believed he had lied to her about his drug use in season four.

They broke up as a result, but appear to be happily back together now following a photo posted to Aimee’s Instagram (below).



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