Do the Islanders know about Caroline Flack’s death? Love Island 2020 opinion!

Do the Islanders know about Caroline Flack’s death? Love Island 2020 opinion!

Monday’s episode of Love Island 2020 opened up with a touching tribute from voiceover presenter Iain Stirling to Caroline Flack.

After the cancellation of two episodes last weekend, Iain shared an emotional message about the late presenter. He said that he’s devastated after the tragic news, and praised Caroline as a colleague and a close friend.

Normally, the Islanders of the ITV2 dating show don’t know what’s happening outside of the villa.

But have bosses of the show told Love Island stars about Caroline Flack’s death?

Caroline Flack

Do the Islanders know about Caroline Flack’s death?

No, the Islanders don’t know that Caroline Flack died last weekend at her flat in London.

The stars of Love Island don’t have any access to social media or any other contact outside of the South African villa.

The contestants still share snaps from their everyday villa life on Instagram, but their accounts are run by other people during their time on the ITV2 show.

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Why Love Island bosses haven’t told the Islanders?

There are only a couple of days until the finale of the winter series, so we reckon this could be one of the reasons they haven’t told them yet.

However, ITV paid a tribute to Caroline by removing its regular adverts with the delivery company Just Eat.

The show replaced them with the contact details of charity organisation Samaritans, which you can read about in Reality Titbit‘s article here.

Screenshot: Love Island S6 E28 – ITV Hub

Should Islanders know about Caroline’s death?

No, they shouldn’t know.

Producers of the dating show are right to not let Islanders know about Caroline’s death before they exit the villa.

Caroline has presented Love Island from 2015, so past and present contestants have formed a special bond with the late host.

If the Islanders were told, many of them will be left heartbroken since they resonate so much of Love Island with Caroline.




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