Does Molly Mae own Pretty Little Thing? Brand contract rumors explained!

Does Molly Mae own Pretty Little Thing? Brand contract rumors explained!

Former Love Island star Molly Mae has been counting down the days for a Pretty Little Thing announcement. We can reveal her new role…

Known for her successful modelling and fashion career since leaving the villa in 2019, she is now often spoken about in the clothing brand world.

She has worked for online clothing company Pretty Little Thing for some time, usually as a model, and has often had her own lines with the brand.

However, her fans are now questioning whether Molly Mae actually owns PLT, and are guessing what the upcoming announcement could be.

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Fans question if Molly Mae owns PLT

Since Molly Mae began trending on social media, her fans have been making guesses about the upcoming announcement on her Instagram.

One Twitter user said: “Molly Mae has deffo bought into PLT it gone into partnership with Umar I’m calling it now.”

Another wrote: “Feel like molly mae now owns PLT; who else is buying a 40K bracelet.”

Several fans are hoping that Molly Mae has secured a head role at the clothing brand, and are crossing their fingers for the star.

“I hope molly mae got a big exec role at PLT”, said a fan.

Does Molly Mae own Pretty Little Thing?

  • No, but she is PLT’s creative director for UK and Europe.

The former Islander reportedly signed a seven-figure fashion deal with Pretty Little Thing, which is thought to be her biggest yet.

On Thursday August 26th, it was announced by PLT that she is their “brand new creative director for UK and Europe”, along with a new collection.

Molly Mae has created an ‘ultimate fits’ collection as part of the new role announcement, before she starts making high-level creative decisions!

This means she will be earning a significant income by working with them.

In September 2019, Pretty Little Thing launched a collaboration with Molly Mae, before launching another with the reality star in September 2020.

Molly shared an Instagram story on August 25th, where she treated herself to a £37K Cartier bracelet as a “well done” for her latest achievement.

Who owns clothing brand Pretty Little Thing?

  • Umar Kamani

He is a 33-year-old businessman and English fashion retailer, who co-founded the brand alongside his brother Adam when he was 24.

The fashion firm and online retail company sells clothing, accessories and other items to women, who are mainly aged between 12 and 25.

Kamani initially began working in the family business as a manager at, before launching Pretty Little Thing in January 2012.

By the middle of 2013, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Michelle Keegan, Rita Ora, Jessie J, Ryan Thomas and Nicki Minaj had been spotted wearing PLT.

Today, the brand continues to be a huge success in the fashion world!


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